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Westinghouse WCM1400WD / WCM2000WD / WCM2900WD

Latest review: Have decided to stock up and buy my frozen food in bulk and my fridge freezer combo at the moment just wasn't big enough so bit the bullet and decided to purchase a stand alone chest freezer , was

Westinghouse WFM0900WC

Latest review: Worthwhile extra freezer space to supplement the fridge. Keeps things frozen, and does get some ice buildup from time to time which needs manual defrosting. Small size is very

Westinghouse WCM5000WD / WCM7000WD

Latest review: This freezer is huge! I love how low profile it is so even shorties like me can reach the bottom without leaning and falling into it. Sliding baskets of two different sizes are a great idea.

Westinghouse WFB4204

Latest review: This is a large capacity upright Freezer. Has a matching refrigerator also. We wanted a frost free freezer of a large capacity as we had a 25 year old freezer but it was not frost free. I don't think

Westinghouse WFM1810WC

Latest review: I regret having bought this freezer, because of its terrible drawer design. They get jammed frequently and are then extremely difficult to remove, when the drawers are full. Three of our drawers

Westinghouse WFM1800WD

Latest review: Purchased to replace a 14 year old freezer this model began to produce a virtual river of ice down the inside of the freezer behind the shelves .Problem was faulty manufacture with insulation

Midea HS-195CN / HS-260CN / HS-390CN

Latest review: While it was operational, I had no complaints. To last only 18 months is very poor. The compressor had rust marks on it after this time. It was a cheap chest freezer and I guess I got what I paid for

Midea HS-170FN

Westinghouse WFB2804

Midea MCH295W/198W/142W/415W

Westinghouse WCM1500WA