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Sleeping Duck Mattress
  • Award Winner 2021

MattressesSleeping Duck Mattress · includes 12 listings

4.8 from 4,257 reviews

Latest review: Sadly our old mattress didn't even last 5 years and we hadn't had a good sleep in a while. My boyfriend has lower back issues and he has been waking up pain free since, we both have had nothing but

Latex Mattress Australia Pure Comfort

MattressesLatex Mattress Australia Pure Comfort · includes 15 listings

4.9 from 350 reviews

Latest review: This mattress is simply the best mattress I have ever slept on. It is so luxurious it makes you feel cradled and supported as you sleep. I had struggled with sore hips, a sore neck, and lower back

Latex Mattress Australia Pure Support
  • Award Winner 2020

MattressesLatex Mattress Australia Pure Support · includes 10 listings

4.9 from 352 reviews

Latest review: My new latex mattress has been a godsend. It is so comfortable no sinking and easy to get out of bed. As I have lower back problems I used to have to lean on a bar to get up and out of bed, now I can

Ausbeds Sienna
  • Award Winner 2021

MattressesAusbeds Sienna · includes 15 listings

4.9 from 296 reviews

Latest review: We visited ausbeds a month ago and had no hesitations in deciding on this particular mattress for its level of comfort and back support. Karl was more than happy to go through all the various specs

Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress
  • Award Winner 2020

MattressesErgoflex Memory Foam Mattress · includes 6 listings

4.8 from 1,450 reviews

Latest review: This is our second Ergofex mattress. This new mattress is even more comfortable than the one we purchased 10 years ago. 8 years ago I bought one for my parents. They are in their nineties and still

Ausbeds Cooper

MattressesAusbeds Cooper · includes 5 listings

4.9 from 201 reviews

Latest review: Very comfortable mattress it has improved my back issues my sleeping quality has been great. Shape and firmness is fantastic would highly recommend Ausbeds Great service and great people to

Spinaleze Pillows
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

PillowsSpinaleze Pillows · includes 3 listings

4.7 from 988 reviews

Latest review: I heard the product through 2gb Ben Fordham. Searching for a supportive side sleep pillow. When I laid my head on it, it was very supportive & very comfortable. Good after product

MicroCloud Mattress Toppers

Mattress ToppersMicroCloud Mattress Toppers

4.7 from 469 reviews

Latest review: The mattress topper feels so light and it's got great support for side sleepers. It stops me from rolling onto my stomach. The easy care, health guard and breathable fibre really sold me too! I've

Onebed Mattress Original
  • Award Winner 2019

MattressesOnebed Mattress Original · includes 5 listings

4.7 from 1,551 reviews

Latest review: We both love the one bed king size mattress. It is a very firm mattress but it still molds to your body every time. Will definately be keeping this

Onebed Mattress Essential

MattressesOnebed Mattress Essential · includes 5 listings

4.7 from 664 reviews

Latest review: The bed is great, no complaints on the sleep. However, being chubby I found the bed really dips in even on the firmer side and gets challenging to turn sometimes + the side is no longer firm where I

Calming Blanket Weighted Blanket

Sheets & BlanketsCalming Blanket Weighted Blanket

4.7 from 608 reviews

Latest review: I ordered 2 weeks ago and paid online. No sign of the products until now- I sent emails and phone calls. Than “Harry” support answers that product is shipped and with Dhl. A lie again since the cou

Marce Blanc Mattress

MattressesMarce Blanc Mattress · includes 10 listings

4.8 from 186 reviews

Latest review: Update: I want to make it clear that the reviews for this mattress are not organic, they are derived from a financial incentive, which leads me to believe customers are more inclined to submit a

Eco Kids Mattress

Mattresses and BedtimeEco Kids Mattress · includes 3 listings

4.8 from 157 reviews

Latest review: We just transferred our almost 3 year old to a bed from a cot. She’s sleeping very well on this mattress which I think has helped the transition. It’s only been a week but would recommend this mat

Koala Timber Bed Base

BedsKoala Timber Bed Base

4.7 from 324 reviews

Latest review: I purchased the base about 6 months ago and everything was great. It arrived the following day right on schedule and I was really happy with the look of it. The dimensions are worth considering

MicroCloud Pillows
  • Award Winner 2020

Pillows and Body PillowsMicroCloud Pillows · includes 5 listings

4.6 from 544 reviews

Latest review: Pillow has high loft and is super soft and bounces back out instead of flattening like a pancake during the night like my feather pillows do. I've had for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love them and

Koala Mattress
  • Award Winner 2019

MattressesKoala Mattress · includes 5 listings

4.5 from 3,512 reviews

Latest review: The mattress is overall fairly comfortable and fine to sleep on, but I flipped it up the other day to change the cover and there was very serious mould growth underneath, as pictured below. I read

Zenna Mattress
  • Award Winner 2020

MattressesZenna Mattress · includes 5 listings

4.9 from 105 reviews

Latest review: The Zenna mattress is brilliant!!! We purchased a king mattress two years ago and it has maintained its form and comfort (despite our toddler frequently using it as a trampoline). The mattress offers

Eva Mattress

MattressesEva Mattress · includes 5 listings

4.5 from 756 reviews

Latest review: We were completely surprised that the vacuum-sucked pancake turned into the most luxurious and supportive mattress we’ve ever owned. The mattress has a perfect level of firmness and has addressed my b

Latex Mattress Australia Pure Indulgence

MattressesLatex Mattress Australia Pure Indulgence · includes 4 listings

4.9 from 94 reviews

Latest review: We were skeptical of ordering on line, unable to purchase a latex mattress in Darwin, it was worth the extra expense for transport, certainly packaged well being tripled wrapped, once we finally got

Quokka Beds Timber Bed Base
  • Award Winner 2021

BedsQuokka Beds Timber Bed Base

4.9 from 82 reviews

Latest review: Quokka beds ticked all the boxes: Australian-make, high quality, elegantly simple, use of sustainably sourced timber. Service was excellent, delivery convenient and the beds simple to assemble and

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