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Sunbeam Feel Perfect Faux Fur Heated Throw TR6100

Latest review: Purchased May 2015. Stopped working, controller was always annoying and too easy to move heat setting, continuous roller rather than ‘clicks’. Rang Sunbeam and those controllers are now out of stock s

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect

Latest review: My partner and I have enjoyed our blanket for three seasons but now one sides handset is now longer working. It warms the bed in 10 mins saving on our power bill and even quicker - like one minute

Sunbeam Sleep Express Fitted

Latest review: During Winter I turn the electric blanket just before I go to bed every night and it makes getting a good night’s rest so much easier. Prior to this I was shivering and dreaded the idea of hopping i

Tempur Ombracio

Latest review: My partner and I lashed out 9 years ago and bought one each. They were expensive back then! I was terrified of spending so much on a pillow....however, it's been money well spent. This is the only

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Quilted

Latest review: I really loved it while it worked ..thought it was best I've ever come across. Well fitted and more comfortable with good features.. except didnt last more than a few of years.. For the high

Tempur Cloud Collection

Tempur Original Range

Tempur Millennium

Latest review: Bought on sales, but it is still pricey even after discount. Worth every penny spent considering the better quality of sleep and reduced pressure and pain on my shoulder joints, shoulder blades and

Tempur Original

Latest review: Had the original tempur for years - was fantastic! Recently bought the “ergonomic” one for side & back sleepers.. worst money ever spent! Both now have sore necks and lack of sle

Tempur Sensation

Latest review: Tempur believes they're above the law as they rejected my legitimate warranty claim for a repair, refund or replacement. I purchased a 'pressure relieving' mattress from Tempur that lost its

Sunbeam Quick & Cosy

Latest review: Have purchased 2 Sunbeam electric blankets 18 months apart and then another 18 months when the second blanket stopped working on the left hand side also. Both were out of warranty and I contacted

Tempur Symphony

Latest review: I've had the Tempur Symphony pillow for a couple of years now. It is extremely supportive, no more tossing and turning during the night to re-adjust your normal pillow. I'm a side sleeper and this

Sunbeam Feel Perfect Snug & Cosy Fleece

Latest review: The sunbeam Feel Perfect heated throw, snug & cosy fleece. It's reversible pale pink one side pale grey the other. Has a 3 hour auto safety off, 6 heat settings, 10 minute heat up, machine washable.

Tempur Classic

Latest review: I have bought and tried several pillows before deciding this is the one. This pillow is fantastic, the middle is slightly lower than to perfectly cradle your head and the sides support your neck, it

Tempur Comfort Sensation

Latest review: Excellent pillow i have slept on cheap pillows for years but after having one nights sleep on this pillow i will buy it for my whole family. I have had neck problems and headaches before but this

Sunbeam Feel Perfect Luxe TR6300

Latest review: This lap blanket makes Tassie winter almost tolerable. So warm and comfortable. Unfortunate that it constantly sheds fur - the previous plush style was much better quality material. Now it is like

Tempur Vega

Latest review: Hi all, I'm in the market for a Tempur Lucerne Hybrid and I've been searching to see if anyone has purchased and has any advise before I go ahead and spend $3000. I have had to rate to post

Sunbeam SleepPerfect Queen Pillowtop BL5551

Latest review: My impression upon first nights use was how pleased I was with the purchase, however now after one week, it has changed from one of ecstasy to agony. It is unreliable, frustrated by the fact on

Tempur Zero-G Prestige

Latest review: honestly do not see the wow in it at all We spent a whopping $20k on 6 bases and mattresses all with zero G It’s just a big hype but nothing worth it I really wish we read reviews first... similar to

Sunbeam Feel Perfect Microfleece TR3000B

Latest review: I returned the first one thinkingbit was faulty but this one isn’t very warm! On setting 9 it feels like a setting 1 on setting 5 it just doesn’t feel on. For 150 dollars this just doesn’t seem right

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