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Coles Anti Bacterial Wipes

Latest review: Unlike other reviewers, i found these to be quite strong & moist, the problem for me was they seemed to leave a slightly sticky residue on surfaces, so if anything they have too much liquid in them.

OzKleen Dry Cleaner’s Secret

Latest review: 4 months ago I returned the remaining sachets for the "Money Back Guarantee" because this product failed to remove the lightest of stains using the spot clean method as advertised and instructed. I

Jif Stainless Steel Cleaner

Latest review: I purchased this because it's cheaper than 3M I regularly use (see my other reviews). What a waste of money. It doesn't dissolve any grease without a hard scrub even on a stove, don't even consider

Magic Stainless Steel Wipes

Latest review: Bought these Magic Stainless Steel Wipes "Guaranteed to Clean, Shine and Protect". I used them as directed, wiping any excess oil off with a paper towel. Over the period of a couple of months, I

Rubbedin Iron Magic

Latest review: I applied the product as per direction and it had no effect.really no effect..this is an absolute waste of money... It looks like a relatively large tube in the photo but it's mostly empty.. there

Demeyere Stainless Steel Cleaner

Latest review: This is a great product. Pity I can't find anywhere to buy it online because the Australian distributor is contemptuous of customers. I enquired where I might buy it. They suggested I "try"

Oz Tank

Rufus & Coco Happy Hutch and Cage

Orange Power Furniture Polish and Restorer

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