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Honda UMK425

Petrol Whipper SnippersHonda UMK425 · includes 2 listings

4.6 from 52 reviews

Latest review: I purchased one about 10 years ago. I have never had a problem with it until now and to be honest I couldn't have been happier. It still starts straight away. I haven't been easy on it. If I put it

Honda UMS425/U

Petrol Whipper SnippersHonda UMS425/U · includes 2 listings

4.1 from 91 reviews

Latest review: Bought this just after Christmas and used it for about 20 minutes when the line stopped coming out. Tried tapping it as per instructions and still nothing. Manually got it out and OK for about 10

Honda HRU19

Petrol Lawn MowersHonda HRU19 · includes 5 listings

3.9 from 126 reviews

Latest review: Purchased the Honda Buffalo HRU19M2 on 3.2.20. It is hands down the best mower I've ever had. It is light, easy to push, starts first time every time. The catcher is easy to remove and install.

Honda UMK435
  • Award Winner 2018

Petrol Whipper SnippersHonda UMK435 · includes 2 listings

4.3 from 35 reviews

Latest review: Bought quite few years ago, never had a problem with the motor. Used for light jobs (blade on grass), as it is definitely not a clearing saw (did not try on bush) The gear head bellied up. Been told

Honda HRU196

Petrol Lawn MowersHonda HRU196 · includes 3 listings

3.5 from 97 reviews

Latest review: So. After 14 years of running a GMC mower with a Briggs and Stratton mower I decided it was time to purchase a new one. This old GMC has been trashed to hell, left out in the rain for years, only

Honda EU20i

GeneratorsHonda EU20i

3.9 from 45 reviews

Latest review: had my geny for 2 years did 1300 hours but needed a total rebuild. honda told me they are waranted for only 800 hours over 4 years. what a ropoff. never buy honda

Honda HRU216

Petrol Lawn MowersHonda HRU216 · includes 5 listings

3.4 from 74 reviews

Latest review: When the grass is damp it clogs up the shoot all the time ,requiring you to remove clogged grass . Has done about 40 hours work and smokes on start up . wont go back to honda

Honda HRX217

Petrol Lawn MowersHonda HRX217 · includes 4 listings

4.2 from 20 reviews

Latest review: Anyone contemplating this model should do some comparison research. Top of the line HRX21 - - - - with electric start, self propelled, bag or mulch clippings and clutch driven blades are an

Honda HHB25

Petrol Blower VacuumsHonda HHB25

3.2 from 35 reviews

Latest review: Bought a blower after hesitating over the high price. I also have a honda mover and wippersnipper/hedge-trimmer versa tool. The blower made my life so much easier around the house, no more sweeping.

Honda EU10i

GeneratorsHonda EU10i

4.4 from 10 reviews

Latest review: Use to take a 2kva Honda genny bush camping found it was to big for our requirements so decided to buy a 1kva Honda genny perfect machine runs a domestic 75ltr upright freezer 2x 40 litre angels 2x

Honda HRR216

Petrol Lawn MowersHonda HRR216 · includes 6 listings

2.5 from 48 reviews

Latest review: Bought this mower as I trust the Honda brand, have only had it a few weeks but so far it starts first time, is reasonably quiet and it cuts the lawn nicely. I don't think the motor is under powered

Honda EU30iu Handy

GeneratorsHonda EU30iu Handy

5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Great machine just purrrs along. never misses a beat and I don't always keep to the service schedule but it seems fine. We use it at our weekender which doesn't have power. WE don't use it for a

Honda EU70is Generator

GeneratorsHonda EU70is Generator

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: We live in a rural location with a rather unreliable mains power supply and without mains water. So besides the normal household appliance such as fridges, lighting, electric stove and oven, washing

Honda Versatool Power Head UMC435

Petrol Whipper SnippersHonda Versatool Power Head UMC435

4.7 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Doing a bit of contracting so I decided to go with this unit against the competitors. In hindsight maybe I should have gone for battery powered but that's another story. It is fairly quiet and starts

Honda Versatool Power Head UMC425

Petrol Whipper SnippersHonda Versatool Power Head UMC425

4.3 from 8 reviews

Latest review: I currently use this unit exclusively as an extended hedger to maintain my 2.5m high hedges. I have just ordered the line trimmer attachment to complement my UMK model with a blade kit. Although

Honda HRS216PKU

Petrol Lawn MowersHonda HRS216PKU

4.0 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Got this at a great rate at the local store compsred to my precious ryobi subaru pos this mower is amazing cuts through grass with ease and with the large cather i am finding myself mowimg for longer

Honda EU30is

GeneratorsHonda EU30is

3.5 from 8 reviews

Latest review: We purchased this generator as a back up for our house during grid power failure, back in February 2013. It has been in actual emergency service, probably eight times during this period. The rest of

Honda HHH25D

Hedge TrimmersHonda HHH25D

3.5 from 4 reviews

Latest review: Having had good success with my Honda Versa-tool Hedge trimmer, I bought a Honda HHH25D to compliment this. Big mistake, the 1st hedge I used it on went fine as it wasn't wider than the cutting

Honda HRC216PDU

Petrol Lawn MowersHonda HRC216PDU

3.3 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Big, heavy and built like a tank. Massive catcher & large fuel tank make this a true commercial beast. I would be expecting at least 15-20 years of life out of this mower if well looked

Honda HRE370

Electric Lawn MowersHonda HRE370

2.8 from 6 reviews

Latest review: So this mower is my first mower. I've never had an electric one. I've got probably a backyard that's maybe 100-150sqm of lawn. Pros: - quiet - easy operation Cons: - kind of hard to

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