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Clairol Nice 'n Easy

Clairol Nice 'n Easy

569 reviews

Models: 100 Natural Lightest Blonde 101 Natural Baby Blonde 102 Natural Light Ash Blonde 103 Natural Light Beige Blonde 103A Medium Blonde 103B Medium Champagne Blonde 104 Natural Golden Brown 106 Natural Medium Ash Blonde 106A Natural Dark Blonde 106B Natural Dark Champagne Blonde 108 Natural Golden Auburn 109A Natural Warm Auburn 110 Natural Light Auburn 112 Natural Dark Auburn 112A Natural Reddish Brown 113 Natural Burgundy 114 Natural Light Ash Brown 114A Natural Lightest Golden Brown 114C Natural Light Chestnut Brown 115 Natural Lightest Brown 115A Natural Lighter Golden Brown 116 Natural Light Brown 116A Natural Light Golden Brown 117 Natural Medium Golden brown 117A Natural Medium Ash Brown 117D Natural Medium Cool Brown 118 Natural Medium Brown 118B Natural Medium Caramel Brown 118C Natural Medium Chestnut Brown 118E Natural Mahogany Brown 119A Natural Light Reddish Brown 11A Ultra Light Ash Blond 120 Natural Dark Brown 120A Natural Dark Golden Brown 121A Natural Darkest Brown 122 Natural Black 124 Natural Blue Black 132 Rich Burgundy 5M Natural Medium Mahogany Brown 5N Medium Neutral Brown 5RB Natural Medium Chestnut Brown 6 Natural Light Brown 6G Light Golden Brown 6R Natural Light Auburn 7C Dark Cool Blonde 7CB Dark Champagne Blonde 8 Medium Blonde 8C Medium Cool Blonde 9.5 Natural Extra Light Blonde 9A Natural Light Ash Blonde 9G Natural Light Golden Blonde 9PB Light Pale Blonde Age Defy 5R Medium Auburn Age Defy Permanent Hair 3.5 Colour Darkest Brown Age Defy Permanent Hair 8 Colour Medium Blonde Age Defy Permanent Hair Colour 4 Dark Brown Age Defy Permanent Hair Colour 5 Medium Brown Age Defy Permanent Hair Colour 5A Age Defy Permanent Hair Colour 5G Medium Golden Age Defy Permanent Hair Colour 6 Light Brown Age Defy Permanent Hair Colour 8A Age Defy Permanent Hair Colour 8G SB1 Natural Light Summer Blonde SB2 Natural Light Cool Summer Blonde
Latest Review: The new Nice'n Easy DOES NOT WORK! It's horrible, horrible, horrible! Don't waste your money! Very disappointing!!! The old product worked fine! Why would you change it??? The coloring does not...

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