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VS Sassoon 3Q

Latest review: This dryer does the job with all good functions. I don't see any differences in my hair after using more expensive dryers. Previous one from VS got hot after use but this one is good and we don't

VS Sassoon Go Travel VS5344A

Latest review: Bought it in the LA because there’s no hair dryer at the hotel. I am now sometimes using it at home too in my room when i do not want to dry my hair using the normal one and standing at the toilet. I

Wahl Super Dry

Latest review: I love my dryer, most of my co workers say it is on the heavy side but I like it. It feels strong and well built and I like that the cool button is a switch

VS Sassoon Total Protection Professional AC VSP420A

Latest review: I got this hair dryer specifically for my partner and I use it occasionally. It was affordable, easy to use and dries hair quickly, with a number of heat options. What more do you need in a hair

VS Sassoon Milano 2200 AC Professional VSP6614A

Latest review: This hair dryer is not too bulky or heavy. It has great speed and the heat from it is great. It didn't take me long at all to dry my hair with it. Styling with it was very easy and had great results.

VS Sassoon Pro 2100 VS48A

Latest review: I got it as a gift from a family member. It is very powerful and meets my requirements. Due to having long hair, I used to be bothered by the amount of time I had to spend on drying my hair after

VS Sassoon Venezia 2400 AC Professional

Latest review: The hair dryer have modes which can be quickly adjusted. On the other hand it makes my hair straight in no time just by using hair brush and my my favourite hair

VS Sassoon VSD120A

Latest review: Great value hairdryer. Powerful, stylish and reasonably quiet. Handy styling attachment that clips on and off easily. I was really surprised how inexpensive it was considering how good it

VS Sassoon Hot Air Brush 'n Style VS8080A

Latest review: It is ok to dry your hair, but if you have thick, long hair it will take a while. I thought it will straight my hair as well as it says brush and style whlie drying them but it does

VS Sassoon VSLE5543BA

Latest review: Nice hair dryer and works well. It isn't too noisy either. My hair is quite thick and long so it does take a little while to dry but it's a nice hair

VS Sassoon VSD270A

Latest review: The only cold air option is a cool shot button, which only operates while its being pressed and is pretty hard to hold in, so if you want to dry your hair on a cool setting, there are other dryers

VS Sasoon miniPRO VS245A

Latest review: Very cute machine light and easy to handle and blows the most perfect air would recommend this to women of thin hair tough i have thick hair and when it’s wet it takes long to d

VS Sassoon Ultimate Salon Dryer VSP5560CA

Latest review: I love my VS Ultimate Salon Dryer. It dries my hair thoroughly and quickly. The multiple heat settings gives a great variety when I'm going from drying children's fine hair to my own. The buttons

Vidal Sassoon Evoke Pro VSLE5544A

Latest review: I dry my hair every day this is the first dryer that I have gotten that does nor dry or damage my hair (this is already very fine) It is very powerful almost like a professional one without the price

VS Sassoon Diamond Radiance VSLE168A

Latest review: Love the power of this model. A little heavy but that’s because it’s large. Nice a sleek looking. Solid and good settings with the cool blast option available. Comes with a free brush too

VS Sassoon VSD6610DA

Latest review: Cannot find anything great with this much price, Easy to use, Powerful motor which helps in drying hair with click of a button. Italian made not cheap Chinese but special price makes it cheap as

Wahl TurboStar 5000 WD5000

Latest review: I purchased this hair dryer about a year ago and I am very happy with the product performance. It has a strong motor, and comfortable grip. I use it every day and love

Vidal Sassoon Milano

Latest review: It does an awesome job in drying the hair. And It does not take much time to do the job. I absolutely love using it. I think it is quite energy efficient. I have been using it very often especially

Wahl Designer Hair Dryer DD5439

Latest review: This was one of our second hair dryer, picked up from ShaverShop online during deal last month. This turned out to be a good purchase for us. My wife loves it, its less noisy and soft to hairs. Wahl

VS Sassoon Essentials Styling Pack VS012A

Latest review: The hair dryer is a good value for money compare to any other ones in the market. So far the product is good and easy to use and has got all the basic essential features a hair dryer should

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