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Dyson DC58 Animal

Latest review: I love this little Dyson! It’s perfect for cleaning the car, or giving a quick whip around small spaces. The battery life is excellent and charges quite quickly also. There are a range of n

Electrolux Rapido

Latest review: Purchased this vacuum yesterday (23/2/19), as I wanted a cordless vacuum to use for cleaning my car. After being on charge overnight, the battery died after only 10min (on the lowest suction level),

Hoover Ultra Light Stick 18V

Latest review: Living with chronic pain i required a light weight vacuum that allows me to vacuum small segments at a time. For this reason I chose the light 18v stick vacuum and had it delivered., it arrived

Hoover Ultra Power 21.6V 2-in-1 StickVac
  • Bin Capacity: 0.25 L
  • HEPA Filter: No
  • Running Time: 45 min

Hoover HandiVac 14.4V Wet and Dry

Latest review: Just out of the 2 years period and can't claim warranty. Worked for a good year, maybe year and a half. Battery has completely died now. Item will have to be

Hoover 18V Pets Plus Handivac CH965

Latest review: While the suction is good, the battery is the worst thing ever, even worse than my first cell phone in the 90s with a thin NiCad battery. I am not talking about how long it run, but how the battery

Hoover HandiVac 7.2V HH2012

Latest review: When I bought it, I was happy with its suction. But this will not last as the battery life dies after 6 months and after 1 year or so you can get about 5 to 10 minutes of usage. The nozzle will get

Hoover HandiVac 7220

Latest review: I probably won't recommend this for any serious use, it turns out that i need to charge it for almost 24 hours atimes, for just a few minutes run, i have abandoned the machine, and only use the

Hoover Handivac 12V Wet & Dry CH968

Latest review: The Godfrey's salesman told me that I needed to get a unit with a lithium-ion battery and not to bother with a 7.5 volt appliance. Probably good advice. It works a treat with small clean up jobs,

Hoover AVC48

Latest review: A very handy equipment for cleaning the car. Comes with different brushes and extension hose. Very light weight and no charging required. Comes with 4.5m long power cord to be plugged in the car

Hoover Handivac CH965

Latest review: It sucks ok, its easy to use, for cleaning the car, gets into all the knocks and has a brush that helps move more stubborn hard dirt. . its not that noisy, and has enough charge for a reasonably

Hoover Flow Techie Handivac HVC-22

Latest review: I got sick of humping our big, heavy vacuum cleaner down to our garage and back every time to clean the car interior, so I went looking for a smaller, lighter alternative that could live down there