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CUA Health

Latest review: Emma was very helpful in explaining the pros and cons of each question in regards to the finer details in our Health insurance product supplied by CUA. Excellent member of your

Westfund Health Insurance

Latest review: Have been a loyal customer for 10+ years, needed to upgrade policies and it had a 12 month wait period, and wouldn’t budge at all with the waiting period there advice to me was look on iselect and f

Allianz Global Assistance Overseas Student Health Cover

Latest review: OSHC cover helped me get big portions of refunds and it was fairly affordable. Especially, Renee at UQ St Lucia was very helpful, when I needed assistance. I was covered by OSHC for almost 5 years

Frank Health Insurance

Latest review: Very good customer service! They go beyond to help you. I was having a dilema on my cover but they offered a solution and helped me and they covered the cost of my procedure. Happy Im with

GMHBA Health Insurance

Latest review: I have to say this about GMHBA, they never answer the phone to deal with my queries. I have been with GMHBA for a about 8 or 9 of years and have not needed to make any claims other than dental

HCF Health Insurance

Latest review: Signed up to HCF as they seemed to have great coverage for a great price. I received a competing deal from my old Insurer Westfund which was better, so I cancelled the HCF policy 1 week later. I had

Peoplecare Health Insurance

Latest review: I have been with peoplecare for 33 coming to 34 years. I now have my child and husband with peoplecare. My policy payments are directed debit so payment is always made. Recently, my child has

Allianz Global Assistance Overseas Visitors Health Cover

Latest review: I bought for my mother who has visited us for 6 months. No regret to choose Aalianz over other insurance Co. Wishing Allianz Team to keep their service at

Police Health

Latest review: I switched over from BUPA in March 2018 after they made some changes to their policies that reduced the value and coverage. After comparing the various funds on Choice magazine comparison tool, I

Defence Health

Latest review: Defence Health is fantastic value for money. Their claims process through their app is so quick and easy. Their staff are very friendly and helpful via telephone. The process to add a new member to

HIF (Health Insurance Fund)

Latest review: Recently received notice from HIF that my Goldstarter hospital cover will be changed to Bronze Plus starter hospital ( because of the reforms). Letter mentioned how great the new cover will be and

Phoenix Health Fund

Latest review: My parents were always under Phoenix so when i looked for where to go myself i naturally went with Phoenix as well. At first they were fantastic, quick easy to use app, app even updated us on

Navy Health

Latest review: Having had the initial discussions on joining Navy health with their support staff via phone, once I joined the very small detail starts to emerge especially on the extras, e.g. despite coming from a

Health Partners

Latest review: Today i have had a tooth extracted. Quite a loss, not pleasant, traumatic. It was done very well by the dentist,however, imagine my surprise, claim was denied. This is a second time in a row. Health

NIB Health Insurance

Latest review: I have top corporate gold cover hospital and extras with NIB ( $525 p/m for two 40+ adults). Recently I had to have shoulder surgery and contacted NIB to check my coverage, they reviewed it all and


Latest review: Great value. Easy setup with iselect. Health.com customer service team are fantastic on the phone. Been with them since Nov 2018. Made a few claims for important things with no

St. Lukes Health

Latest review: Beautiful facility lovely staff. I was a day patient St Luke’s private hospital and it was the best experience I’ve had in hospital lovely staff beautiful facilities yummy food Could not ask for mor

No Gaps Dental

Latest review: I made a booking for a crown as they had a promotion on new crown machine and received sms confirmation. However a few days later they called me and advised that they made a mistake and can not offer

Latrobe Health Services

Latest review: Horrendous product knowledge. The goal posts continually changed when claiming for services i had claimed prior. Continually changing descriptions of the same service to suit the criteria. Don't

AHM (Australian Health Management)

Latest review: Had AHM cover for 2.5 years as a family of 5 with $2500 lifetime braces cover per child. AHM monthly premiums for our family were $375. Daughter's braces cost more than $2500 but the dentist offered

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