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Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety

Latest review: Yes the product works, but it comes with undesirable side effects. I have started with this supplement in March to combat the daily stress at work. 8 weeks into the daily regime of 3 tablets , I


Latest review: I hate taking any drugs but at the moment I'm taking 4 Nurofen caplets daily for severe arthritis in my wrists and I find they work ok. I used to take Panadol Osteo but because of the difficult

Fusion Health Astra 8 Immune Tonic

Latest review: Recommended to me by a friend. Had a severe cold which left me tired, lethargic and completely flat. Started on the Astra 8, 10ml in water twice a day. After 2 days I noticed a difference, after 3

Nurofen Zavance

Latest review: I've found taking the Nurofen liquid capsules much easier to swallow. Kept buying the liquid capsules because they are easy to use, easy to consume and price is excellent to. It does work most of

Fusion Health Menopause

Latest review: This product did not work for me. I tried 4 tablets per day as suggested but I still had really bad hot flushes. It was worth a try if you can not take hormone replacement

Fusion Health Cough Lung Tonic

Latest review: PLEASE take this if you have a persistent cough, bronchitis or copd. I have chronic bronchitis, asthma and COPD I am 38 and have to live on antibiotics and cough medicines but lately they stopped

Fusion Health Hair Tonic

Latest review: I am 71 years old and my hair was starting to fall out, I have been using the product for over 12 months now, I think it’s fantastic and it works, my hair never looked b

Fusion Health Sleep

Latest review: Took 1 tablet 1 hour before bed, then increased daily to 4 before bed with no hint of being sleepy. I completed the full bottle of 30 tablets with no results. I have also tried Melatonin, Valerian,

Fusion Health Allergy

Latest review: I have a nagging minor cough and clearing of the throat all my life. After a few days it was almost gone. Probably related to a post nasal drip of some kind. Fabulous

Nurofen Nuromol

Latest review: its very effective, i can see a lot off you idiots think these are expensive but they are costly for a reason, read the description for what relief pain it gives. If your poor go buy the cheap ones

Fusion Health Menopause Free

Latest review: I was really sceptical about this product working and I can’t believe how well it works. I only take one tablet in the morning and my hot flushes have completely stopped and I am sleeping better and i

Fusion Health Skin Tonic

Latest review: Have had psoriasis for 6 months now and after trying many different lotions(including prescribed ointments),I am seeing results after taking the Fusion Health Skin Tonic for the past month. I have

Fusion Health Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Latest review: This is the only product that has ever worked for me in this area. Much better and works faster than anything I've ever got from the Dr, whatever the cause (stress, dairy, whatever). (If I want it to

Nurofen Cold and Flu

Latest review: I have been wanting to leave a review for this product, as it is one of the few medicines, that I just feel it actually walks the talk. For me, this the only pills that help me with symptoms of

Fusion Health Women's Balance

Latest review: I think I have been in a better mood most of the time but think it's made me so hungry . it didn't lighten my menstrula flow like I was hoping and yes I've had everything ruled out by the doctor . My

Fusion Health Reflux and Indigestion

Latest review: I get really bad trapped wind on a very regular basis and it is sometimes unbearably painful. I took two of these tonight at work when it was really bad and it honestly was completely gone in about

Fusion Health Glucosamine Advanced Repair

Latest review: Have been using this supplement for 3 months now and have started to see results, I've had issues with my elbow (minor arthritis and a fragment of cartilage breaking off) I am an active person and

Nurofen Gel

Latest review: I had a knee replacement a month ago & thought this might help with some of the sharp pain in the inside of the knee. The outside is usually numb after the operation, but not the inside. Oral

Fusion Health Cold & Flu

Latest review: Used to buy it but with formulae change the product is not for me.why do companies have to alter formulae when you think you are buying the same next time you feel

Fusion Health Multi Vitamin and Mineral Advanced

Latest review: First off gave me indigestion and then after a few days awful heartburn and nausea. I felt so ill that I stopped taking them. Not sure what is in it that I might be allergic to? Never had this

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