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Step into Life

Latest review: Step into Life St Kilda is fantastic. Charlie is an enthusiastic and motivational trainer. All fitness levels are welcome and the group training keeps you motivated. Highly recommend! Give it a try

My Muscle Chef


Latest review: best thing I’ve come across! I have a friend who spent $400 for an extraction. Having smile dental cover I was able to pay just under $400 for two e

Lite n' Easy

Hypoxi Australia

Latest review: Went to 15 sessions and didn’t see any difference. They said I ‘lost’ 2cm off my waist however 2cm difference could mean I was bloated one day then not bloat

Cohen's Weight Loss Clinic

Latest review: The Cohens program teaches you what your body actually needs and how to function at its best. It is easy to follow and the food does leave you feeling satisfied, as long as your heads in the right

CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

Latest review: I'll just focus on the meal plans. The diet plans out all your meals for you and tells you exactly what to buy every week. Ingredients can be easily swapped in and out if you have intolerances. The

28 by Sam Wood

Latest review: I have not had a positive experience. I purchased 28 by Sam Wood to keep motivated; for something different. I was unhappy with the repetitive nature of the exercises. Into the second month, a few

Odyssey Lean

SmileDirectClub SmileShop QLD, Brisbane

Vision Personal Training

Latest review: I have been going to Luis Martinez at Vision Parramatta for the past 18 months. They have really encouraged me and prompted me (when I fall off the rails). I am probably the fittest I have been for


Latest review: I have almost finished my first week of meals from Macros. Some meals were quite disappointing (ie not enough sauce, bland looking food or missing ingredients compared to what they promote in

Ashy Bines Transformation Centre

Latest review: I stopped going to the Transformation Centre maybe 7/8 months before my contract was set to run out. I called up and told them I wanted to cancel to which they told me I had to wait until my contract


Ashy Bines Booty Challenge

Latest review: The booty challenge app was free to download at one stage, and I downloaded it. It’s pretty old now I guess, but as a stay at home mum of tiny kids it is perfect for me. Good accompaniment to my j


Latest review: We decided to participate in the bootcamp for preseason training. Amazing! Full body workout and got us ready for the tough season ahead! Thanks Volkan and

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

Latest review: I paid for a course last August. Unfortunately on the first day there was a family crisis which absorbed all my attention. On finally emerging I contacted Michelle Bridges to say that as I had been

Putting Health At The Top

Latest review: Been approached by a friend to become a mentor under her. Once realised that they are using Modere's multi-level marketing plan with no Modere support pulled out from it. The main issue was the

Tony Ferguson Weightloss Program

Latest review: Being a regular tony Ferguson on and off, I was very disappointed to discover the taste and texture is totally changed. It is gritty and leaves a terrible after taste. It used to be a pleasure to

Cookie Diet

Latest review: This Diet Works. I have lost weight on these cookies and now use them as a snack to keep the weight off. only negative is the postage cost is too

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