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Organic Herbal Colon Cleanse

Health ShopsOrganic Herbal Colon Cleanse

5.0 from 33 reviews

Latest review: Customer service and support is beyond amazing, knowledge incredible, products great- you feel the difference. Amazing Australian company - THANK

  • Product Quality
    4.9 (18)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (19)
True Protein

Protein & Supplement RetailersTrue Protein

5.0 from 32 reviews

Latest review: Love love love this protein bar. Taste and texture is great and it’s the “cleanest” bar I’ve been able to find. My only issue with it is that is so good I have to stop myself from eating several at a

  • Product Quality
    5.0 (24)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (1) · No (22)

Optical RetailersClearly

4.0 from 377 reviews

Latest review: Great service. The website is easy to navigate even with prescription changes. The time between ordering and delivery is minimal.

  • Product Quality
    4.5 (239)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (12) · No (235)


4.3 from 70 reviews

Latest review: Australian with Chinese ingredients in most of the products. They would not disclose country of origin on a lot of their ingredients. This is the same for most vitamin companies claiming to be

  • Product Quality
    4.7 (23)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (1) · No (24)
Maui Jim

Optical RetailersMaui Jim

4.4 from 63 reviews

Latest review: Maui Jim are the best all-round sunglasses in the world from my many years of experience when buying my first pair in Hawaii and then again in Australia. Superb customer service (I have also used

  • Product Quality
    4.4 (16)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (6) · No (9)

Protein & Supplement RetailerseVitamins

4.1 from 125 reviews

Latest review: While the product is good, it took 2 months to get here!! Tracking said it went from country to country for weeks before even arriving in the destined

  • Product Quality
    2.5 (4)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (7)
Zenni Optical

Optical RetailersZenni Optical

4.1 from 96 reviews

Latest review: Filled in the form on the internet and ordered 3 sets of glasses. They arrived in good time, but were completely wrong. It took 3 emails and 2 phone calls to USA from Australia before I was told that

  • Product Quality
    4.3 (51)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (9) · No (49)
Chemist Direct

ChemistsChemist Direct

3.9 from 244 reviews

Latest review: I have been using Chemist Direct for many many years. I live in country WA and products here can always be a little pricey. At Chemist Direct prices are always good. There is a fantastic range of

  • Product Quality
    4.7 (160)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (12) · No (156)


4.6 from 39 reviews

Latest review: I’ve ordered twice online from here and both orders have arrived extremely quickly. Only disappointing thing in my last order was a bottle of baby Panadol with only 3 months until it expires so it’s a

  • Product Quality
    4.8 (27)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (1) · No (29)
Vision Direct

Optical RetailersVision Direct

3.7 from 2,522 reviews

Latest review: I always order my contact lenses on Vision Direct - saves me the hassle of going into the optometrist. Cheaper,

  • Product Quality
    3.1 (180)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (34) · No (190)


4.8 from 34 reviews

Latest review: Saved me time and money going to the doctor's office, lots of local pharmacies to choose from. Prescription was instantly

  • Product Quality
    4.9 (28)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (1) · No (29)
Aussie Health Products

ChemistsAussie Health Products

4.3 from 49 reviews

Latest review: One of the few suppliers of sugarless lime and lemon drops at the moment. So happy with the service I received from this company and the timely delivery. Thank you very much Aussie Health.

  • Product Quality
    4.9 (34)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (36)
Gym and Fitness

Fitness Equipment ShopsGym and Fitness · includes 2 listings

3.7 from 185 reviews

Latest review: John Dungo from Sales provides excellent customer service and more importantly, follows through. The 4ft safety slings work well on the Force USA FPC (a little long but easily rectified by placing

  • Product Quality
    4.5 (82)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (4) · No (86)

Health ShopsThr1ve

3.7 from 120 reviews

Latest review: I was so excited to get organised and have a healthy meal prep. Unfortunately my delivery was amost 2 days late so i had to go and shop for food for the first few days. Then I started with the

  • Product Quality
    3.5 (28)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (1) · No (23)

Protein & Supplement RetailersNaturemart

5.0 from 20 reviews

Latest review: Quick shipping and timely informative messaging advice of the tracking. It was easy to find what I wanted on the site. I already knew the product. It is a great product. I will try Naturemart again

  • Product Quality
    5.0 (17)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (16)
Mr Supplement

Protein & Supplement RetailersMr Supplement

4.2 from 32 reviews

Latest review: My new go to for supplements. Great range of products and super fast delivery. Easy to navigate app which is pretty

  • Product Quality
    4.9 (7)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (5)
Oscar Wylee

Optical RetailersOscar Wylee

3.3 from 229 reviews

Latest review: The store was easy to locate since I have gone there a couple of time but has always hesitant in buying glasses there. Recently I have had a change in thought and decided to book for an eye test and

  • Product Quality
    3.6 (196)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (12) · No (175)
Pharma Deal

ChemistsPharma Deal · includes 2 listings

3.6 from 70 reviews

Latest review: I ordered few perfumes on 2/5/2020 and till today I did not get my order nor my money back. I sent an email and I got no reply, I called many time and finally they called back and told me that they

  • Product Quality
    4.6 (7)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (2) · No (14)
Heal Yourself

ChemistsHeal Yourself

4.1 from 30 reviews

Latest review: Bought some sleep Easy Tea, almost 2 weeks ago, I have heard nothing About when it is being shipped. I have tried to e-mail nothing and one of the e-mail addresses came back as not

  • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (1)
Tens Machine Australia

Health Shops and Online ShopsTens Machine Australia

4.7 from 18 reviews

Latest review: I’m a little disappointed as around two years ago approximately I purchased the MH8001. I had suffered from work related injury and was very happy with the machine as I was in extreme pain 24 seven t

  • Product Quality
    3.5 (2)
  • Return Claim MadeYes (0) · No (2)
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