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Ryobi 18V One+ Pole Pruner OPP1820

Latest review: The saw has only been used for several minutes and it leaking the bar and chain oil down the pole. Very annoying. Back to Bunnings. We are in the country with our closest store an hour

Stihl HS 45

Latest review: Bought it after having used Stihl chainsaws and brush cutters for years without any dramas. Very disappointed with difficulty in starting it - should be a piece of cake for such a small motor.

Ryobi 36V Hedge Trimmer RHT3600

Latest review: Easy to use Lightweight, but plenty of power. 36 volt battery interchangeable with other products in their range. Great after sales service. Goes well with other products from your he range we have

Stihl HS 46 C / HS 46 C-E

Latest review: Cuts well, is reasonably light, good fuel usage and starts easy. haven't had any dramas with it. Have used it on light hedges as well as large overgrown bushes with reasonably thick branches. Can

Stihl HSA 86

Latest review: Yeah, this tool is like something out of a science-fiction movie. Powerful, yet light and easy to use. Only had it for a week but been out there with it quite a bit and today I went over to a

Stihl HS82T

Latest review: This is my third hedge trimmer and hopefully my last. I bought this recently due to my unhappiness with the results and quality of 2 previous hedge cutters, Husqvarna and Echo. The Stihl is the only

Ryobi OHT1851R

Latest review: I do my own hedges and also others in the family. This is such a great hedge trimmer. The long blade ensures I can reach across and makes it easier to get a straight cut. It is not too heavy for me

Stihl HSA 56

Latest review: Very easy to use, not to heavy and does a good job. My wife really enjoys using it. Trimmed a lot of her small trees and shrubs without a problem and still had two bars on the

Ryobi 600W RHT6060RS

Latest review: I would have given it a 5 star rating, except trying to get the sheath on, as a woman I found a little difficult. Other than that, being able to change the cutting angle is brilliant!! The blade

Stihl HSA 25

Latest review: I have gone out and got for myself the Stihl HSA25 trimmer. it is great just used it for the lawn. The problem is Stihl offers a handle for it. BUT you can ONLYY buy it if you are in Europe that"s

Ryobi RHT5550

Latest review: It's a good Electric Hedge Trimmer, nice and sharp, does the job well in the home garden. Purchased from Bunnings Seven Hills, Sydney. Came with a Four year warranty. So far no problems, it's in

Stihl HLA 65

Latest review: I have the HLA 65 and AP 180 battery. The weight, no fumes and quietness of the HLA65 make it a good hedge trimmer. The only sign of wear is in the battery catches on the battery box end not working

Ryobi 750W Pole Pruner RPP750S

Latest review: Having owned the Ryobi 1+ pole saw or pruner, its still going strong. I haven’t looked after it very well Andrew yet it still keeps performing. I’m thinking of getting a new 200mm chain to replace th

Ryobi RPT4545M

Latest review: I've used it on a variety of mature NZ natives, ranging from frondy to pretty woody and it works as intended. The 17mm cutting capacity is not something I'd contemplate, even 10mm is quite ambitious

Ryobi 18V ONE+ OHT1850S

Latest review: I was unsure how well this hedge trimmer would work with hedges and vines, being battery operated, but so far I've found it works as advertised. With vines such as wisteria, it just slices through

Ryobi RLT254SDSO

Latest review: I should state from the beginning that i like ryobi (building 2nd house with our fav drills) which is why, when our previous line trimmer needed replacing we bought the ryobi straight shaft model.

Ryobi One+ RHT1850SLI20

Latest review: This has worked well as originally assembled for three sessions on two hedges. Now I want to insert the third pole to extend the unit to its full 2.9 m. The collar unscrews easily but I can't

Ryobi 500W RHT5045

Latest review: Bought at Bunnings in talks with a salesperson several months ago and have used it twice and to be honest shears would have been more effective. $139 spent and lesson learnt " stay away from some

Stihl HS 56 C / HS 56 C-E

Latest review: Bought this in July 2017. Nearly £500. First couple hedges I cut was good, after that I had to keep sharpening it regularly and air filter gets choked up far to easily. It is light but as it gets

Stihl HTA 85

Latest review: I purchased a Stihl polesaw thinking I was buying a good quality product. The chainsaw works great but after two and half years you need to replace the battery ( Ap300 and Al300 charger ) if I knew

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