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Youi Home and Contents

Latest review: They were all good with our H&C until we made a claim last year, then sent us an email today saying that they won't renew our policy due to 3 late payments. Fair enough....but it's funny that the

Budget Direct Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: I have two houses on one deed. They gave me a quotation for both houses combined. It was alright the first year. They charged what they quoted. The second year they took twice the amount from my

RAC WA Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: Been with RAC for many tears and this year policy increase of 14% tried to find out why - answer was we review areas and pricing from time to time - no further details available - reviewing ongoing

Woolworths Home and Contents Insurance

Latest review: They ran a promotion offering 20,000 Woolworths rewards points for new policies. Points to be paid within 45 days of the first premium. After 45 days and no points I contacted them. 60 days after the

RAA Home and Contents

Latest review: I recently lost a set of keys, including a car key with all the bells and whistles. They fell out of my bag while I was walking the dog. Reported to RAA and was asked if they had a name and address

GIO Home and Contents

Latest review: My parents made a claim for hail damage in December as of 9/4/19 gio contractors have completed no progress the 500 dollars access has been paid the start and completion date has long past many phone

AAMI Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: We were happy for 5 years with AAMI Home and Contents Insurance. We made 1 claim 6 months ago, that was easy and smooth transaction. But we went to make a claim last week, and were told we arent

APIA Home Insurance

Latest review: I have two claims going at the same time one for storm damage for my home and the other for my investment property. So far I could use a swear word but...they are the worst when it comes to paying or

RACV Home & Contents

Latest review: made another claim last week winds pushed my cazzeeboo. They said not covered as water damage from a down pipe which was flowing the opposite way rotted post. They even couldn’t check posts as t

Real Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: After 9 years with them we had claim due to storm in December. Accesor came, told us it's easy claim and we will get new carport. His report was something completely different, everything was our

RACQ Home Insurance

Latest review: My mother recently lost nearly everything she owned in the Townsville floods. My sister phoned RACQ, my mother's insurer, as soon as we knew that water had inundated my mother's unit to lodge a

NRMA Home Insurance

Latest review: we have been with NRMA for over 20 years, all our vehicles green slips, comprehensive insurance . Our home & content insurance been swap to NRMA because we think that this company will provide us

Coles Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: I was hit by the hail storm in Dec 18, lodged a claim and emergency repairs done, assessment completed All good. Then nothing....Feb got a scope of works from builders and no roof repairs. Rang

Suncorp Home Insurance

Latest review: We've been insured for the past 4 years. Recently had a claim as our tenants absolutely trashed the house and stopped paying rent. Nothing was covered at all, not even the lost rent!! We couldn't

CGU Home and Contents Insurance

Latest review: Been with CGU insurance for 4 years now, in the beginning service was great. The claims process was very efficient. Seems like they have moved the operations to overseas and its just gone terrible.

Allianz Home Insurance

Latest review: I purchased their Insurance for my property as they have a tie up with Bank of Melbourne with whom I have a mortgage. It is typical for all lending managers to up sell their preferred insurances when

SGIC Home Insurance

Latest review: I have several policies with SGIC and we have had two rental issues where a hot water pipe broke under ground damaging the Linen press cabinet with steam damaging the cabinet etc. When they came to

Ansvar Insurance

Latest review: I rang to enquire about a very elderly friend's policy and was put through to a very aggressive claims department staff member who seemed annoyed we were confused about what my friend's policy

Shannons Home and Contents Insurance

Latest review: My claim was rejected they say due to maintenance not storm damage been with you guys for years I didn’t want much a few thousand $ but your accessor never returned my calls and I just got passed f

SGIO Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: I have 5 policies with SGIO and have been with them for 16 years. When I recieved my home and contents insurance for $1915 (with portable cover for wife’s engagement ring) i thought id double check

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