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Seniors Home & Contents Insurance
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020
4.6 from 1,200 reviews

Latest review: I did an online quote which was very competitive. Shortly after I received a phone call from Rebecca to ask if she could help me at all. I said I was doing some comparison with insurers and the PDS

  • Transparency
    4.6 (867)
  • Customer Service
    4.7 (907)
  • Value for Money
    4.6 (931)
  • Claim ApprovedYes (34) · No (5)
Youi Home and Contents
4.0 from 1,237 reviews

Latest review: One claim was lodged a few months ago, and another one was lodged a couple of years ago. Youi found all sorts of excuses or pretexts not to settle either claim in full. In each case, Youii first

  • Transparency
    3.8 (212)
  • Customer Service
    4.2 (264)
  • Value for Money
    4.0 (265)
  • Claim ApprovedYes (24) · No (15)
Budget Direct Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: I had car insurance and now I’m having a home insurance with budget direct it’s really good value for money and I’m happy with the service I’m receiving thank you

  • Transparency
    4.0 (587)
  • Customer Service
    4.1 (626)
  • Value for Money
    4.2 (669)
  • Claim ApprovedYes (18) · No (32)
Allianz Home Insurance
2.4 from 336 reviews

Latest review: I would not bother to even get a quote from this company. We were looking at consolidating all of our insurance to one company and when I called to obtain a quote I was told ‘they could not help me’ a

Real Home & Contents Insurance
2.1 from 198 reviews

Latest review: The quote process was easy to setup, staff were friendly and informative. The policy was very good value for money. I compared it to several other providers and it came out in front. Totally

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RAC WA Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: We have lodged a claim, our first ever since building our house 8 years ago. We have just recently had water damage to an internal wall from the shower. After a plumber came out that works for RAC

RAA Home and Contents
2.3 from 45 reviews

Latest review: It appears they have been taking money from you for years under false pretenses only to deny any valid claim. This is nothing more than legalized theft. I will be cancelling all of my policies with

NRMA Home Insurance
1.9 from 328 reviews

Latest review: Took almost 5 weeks to read a report & call me. Excuse: they had been very busy! Promised to email me letter/reports by 5pm 26th July. I had to call them 3rd

APIA Home Insurance
1.9 from 265 reviews

Latest review: Disappointed for my pensioner parents who lodged their first claim after being with APIA for 15 years - only to have the claim rejected due to ‘wear & tear’. Claim was for a timber fence that was blo

GIO Home and Contents
1.9 from 144 reviews

Latest review: First time making a insurance claim due to the storms we had in March this year. First tradesman GIO sent out was the wrong trade and said it's a waste of his time being here they need to send a

CGU Home and Contents Insurance

Latest review: At the onset I will state that CGU denied my daughters water leak claim. My daughter has a busy job therefore being retired i undertook to interact with her insurer. This is not about the denial,

AAMI Home & Contents Insurance
1.8 from 369 reviews

Latest review: This is twice. Unqualified yobbo comes in and looks for reason not to claim. He could tell me about the fall of a flat roof next door but couldn't answer simple questions about shower plumbing.

RACV Home & Contents
1.8 from 136 reviews

Latest review: Claim made for damage caused by storm which was acknowledgedv by RACV emergency assist no less. Denied on multiple occasions after lengthy deejays despite reports confirming the cause. Had to contact

RACQ Home Insurance
1.9 from 110 reviews

Latest review: I’ve been an RACQ member 8yrs, we recently contacted them regarding water escaping our main bathroom into a neighbouring bedroom. Initially RACQ seemed helpful, sending a leak detection team to our p

Woolworths Home and Contents Insurance

Latest review: I have recently bought a contents insurance from Woolworths insurance. The policy is good value compared with other insurance companies. I also have my car insurance with Woolworths. My problem is

Coles Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: I’ve had to lodge a claim for a water leak, in my daughters bedroom. I paid the plumber on the day for both the leak detection and then the repairs. Six weeks later my daughter is still without a b

2.8 from 11 reviews

Latest review: The break and enter to our home was difficult enough to deal with. What transpired over the next three months was nothing less than appalling and way more traumatising than it ever needed to be, with

SGIC Home Insurance
1.9 from 45 reviews

Latest review: Hi, It seems Iam not alone with getting bad service and complicated PDS, I read my PDS of June 2020 for Touring Caravan cover, On pg16 titled Liability Exclusions it states (1) will not cover an

Suncorp Home Insurance
1.7 from 135 reviews

Latest review: Lodged a claim for hail damage from a freak hailstorm in April 2020. Had Suncorp insurance for 25 years and also had a home loan for same time. Suncorp sent an assessor from Aizer Group to inspect

ING Home and Contents Insurance

Latest review: If you are ever in a situation to make a claim, this is the worst insurance to have. Do not recommend at all. I was involved in a car accident over 4 weeks ago. My car was in the holding yard for 2

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