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Google Home Mini

SpeakersGoogle Home Mini

3.8 from 124 reviews

Latest review: Sounds fine for the size and not expensive but beware if you are not prepared to pay $12 a month for subscribing to the music services. Practically, after every song you ask to play (at Google's

Google Home

SpeakersGoogle Home

3.4 from 100 reviews

Latest review: Very happy a year ago but each update ruins this product more. Lately it wakes me in the middle of the night with music at full volume & I never use full volume. Last night about 3am in started

Google Home Hub

SpeakersGoogle Home Hub · includes 4 listings

3.6 from 23 reviews

Latest review: Highly problematic product that continuously fails to maintain a stable network connection, even on 5g. When it drops out you are required to go back through the setup again, which in itself is

Google Nest Mini

SpeakersGoogle Nest Mini

2.8 from 14 reviews

Latest review: I can't even snooze the alarm or get it to repeat the song that's playing. Rubbish. I would have smashed and set on fire both of them if my wife let me do

Price (RRP) $79.00

Price from$42.00Kogan

Google Nest Audio

SpeakersGoogle Nest Audio

3.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I have the original Home working with the Sony SRS-X77 (chromecast enabled) and an Android phone and loved the set up but wanted the separated stereo sound of split speakers. The google max is too

Price (RRP) $149.00

Price from$119.00Kogan