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ADT Security

Latest review: Terrible and expensive service. Technicians attend, do nothing, promising they will come back, got charged and never came back. Having to call several times to get someone to do the work. I have a

Pest Free Australia

Latest review: I've been using my Pest Free PRO for over 2 years now and it's been the best thing I have ever bought. Reading through some of the other reviews, I question just how trustworthy are they? For my

Smoke Alarm Solutions

Latest review: I don't know how a company like this survives... false alarms in the early hours two days after replacing the previous batch of faulty units... long waits on hold trying to notify

Feast Watson

Latest review: 4 times and a fortune later and still cant get a good finish after following instructions perfectly!!! This product is definitely not worth the

Rinnai Australia

Latest review: I am having difficulties with my heater. I have to deal with 1st Care. 90% of the time when I try and ring 1st care I wait for around an hour on hold to speak to anyone. GET MORE STAFF. How can a

Swann Australia

Latest review: Swann is one of the most horrible brands that I had the misfortune to know! I already test their Wifi cameras, the batteries last for 5 days, when they say they last for months, so you need to

Ozzi Kleen

Latest review: it's very hard to get a service agent to come to my town .. I've contacted ozzi kleen about this and they contacted my local service agent he showed up once and that's it .. waste of money these

Smoke Alarms Australia

Latest review: I am a tenant and have only one smoke alarm in my house. It has not been working for 4 months now. Agent finally contacted smoke alarms australia to set up an appointment. Was first contacted by them

Gainsborough Hardware

Latest review: Front Door Trilock handle broke after 15 years...fair enough. New Trilock G2 from Bunnings $204. Left the old key barrel in, drilled 2 new 8mm top holes as the plate was longer, fitted the new handle


Latest review: Had Chubb monitored alarm for a number of years and had to upgrade the comms for NBN. That was when the issues started. The only offer Chubb had was a 3 year all upfront payment option. We had

Tile Stone Paver

Latest review: Dream Moasaic Tile is Perfect. Prompt delivery, really cheap price compared to other places, description is perfect & they look more amazing in person. Wouldn’t recommend online purchase through a

Freshly Squeezed Water Co

Latest review: We had purchased a Freshly Squeezed Water purifier at our previous home, so when we moved we purchased one for our current home. ( We had both units installed by a plumber). This week I decided I'd

Inspirations Paint Physical store

Latest review: Great product range and reasonably priced. Friendly staff that treat customers with respect and have good knowledge about the products they offer in store. Will be happy to go

Harvey Norman Security

Latest review: We opted for Harvey Norman Security for our home and are super satisfied with it. The entire process of installation and customer service has been seamless and stress free. There has been no outage

SA Hot Water

Latest review: Did a 10 mins check of my leaking hot water system and found the water tank needs to be replaced. Price not competitive, almost double the price of other plumbers (Rinnai approved contractor). Paid

SHS Products

Latest review: The worst i ever encounter, avoid at any cost. i rang to inquire about a product they are rude no sense of ability to give you the right info. then guess what you lost a customer and i think many

Johnson Tiles

Latest review: Having decided to go the "full Joanna" (for those who watch "Fixer Upper") I started to source bevelled subway tile in white for my laundry. All the big Tile stores, those that appear on The Block,

Protect West

Latest review: I've had a problem with my alarm system. It wasn't installed by Protect West. Young bloke on the phone helped me not only to solve problems with my alarm system but also provided me with quick


Latest review: I needed Fire Zone rated decking boards BAL-FZ - Inex met the requirement. They only recommended Flood Spa-n-deck to coat it. Inex is a cement Composite. Heavy and hard on tools but it does not

Fast Glass 24/7

Latest review: Fast response and professional. Will use their services again. Quote was reasonable, clean up after replacing glass was done,

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