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Latest review: Workmanship and aftersales service is nil since Shieldcoat paint has bubbled and peeled on driveway leaving a large patch of now bare concrete. Shieldcoat salesman said this can happen now and again.

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Latest review: Installed 5 years ago around my pool and general decks. Interesting to read the other reviews here, that show it lasts a couple of years at best. Extremely disappointed in this rubbish and too

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Phat Water Australia
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Latest review: When I bought the Phat shower filter, I contacted the seller through eBay to ask about the running cost. With filters, the running cost is more important than the initial cost. He said to me that the

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Latest review: Dorf mixer taps House less than six years old handles on tap showing bubbles in the chrome . when Dorf approached they asked for recipe of sale .as if the builder leaves for the house buyer . the

Closed Loop
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Latest review: I bought a domestic composter a couple of years ago, and it kept breaking down. It was fine while it was under warranty, but now it isn't and they don't have anyone who can repair it. They sent me a

Mr and Mrs Designer
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Latest review: Purchased some glassware online at a huge discount from the RRP after seeing this advertised on instagram. Upon placing the order I saw that it says they are not in the original boxes.... No way to

Ezy Epoxy
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Latest review: I was pretty excited when I found Ezy Epoxy as theoretically it solved my bathroom grout issues. After organising time off work I ordered what I needed over a week before my leave to allow plenty of

The Spy Store
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Latest review: I bought some overpriced surveillance equipment which after a few months fell apart and the video recording was highly distorted. Initially they were responding to emails, then I received an email

Jane Plating Kits
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Latest review: Person selling these kits obviously has two male members. No one could be that stupid playing with one. Purchased a Jane Kit, purchased a $250 bain marie and wasted my money. Acid based stripper.

Omnipro Security Barriers
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Latest review: This website will not post out the paid goods and return your emails!!! I was ripped off over $1349 MULTIPLY EMAILS NOT ANSWERED Beware do not buy from this website you will lose your money. SCAM

Frank Green
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Latest review: 750ml water bottle cost $47.90 (including postage). First use and was careful placing it into our backpack but cap is already scratched and marked. Very disappointed. Straw function works well but

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Latest review: I ordered $1953.59 worth of security equipment so I could install a wifi security camera system at my home. I ordered what I thought would be the equipment I required. There was a long delay and no

Bennie Carpet & Vinyl Warehouse

Latest review: Bennie Carpets supplied and installed the carpet in my home. One of the carpets has buckled in numerous places so I rang Bennie Carpets to get someone to come out and look at the problem. Not only

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Latest review: I purchased this product from Bunnings & paid a plumber to install it in June. Although the transaction via Bunnings went well, Clark under the umbrella of GWA Group has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE

Get Trapped
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Latest review: Get Trapped advertise a lizard trap for catching and killing geckos. The traps are pieces of card smeared with a long-lasting glue, which is supposed to hold the gecko once it lands on the card.

LevelMaster Toowoomba
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Aussie DIY Solutions
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Hygiene Concepts
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