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Coles Ultra Super Strength

Latest review: Even used copiously with water from the kettle, this doesn't get all the fat off frying pans. I have to follow it up with a squirt of IGA dishwashing

Coles High Performance Surface Spray

Latest review: The residual effect of the spray lasts for months. Spray floor around skirtings you will kill all cockroaches that enter your premises for months. Strong odour when first sprayed so open windows to

Coles Ultra Cream Cleaner

Latest review: I used this item to clean off permanent marker stains on plastic. Needless to say this cream only got roughly 75% of the job done, even after long intense scrubbing and using an exorbitant amount of

Coles Ultra Glass & Window Cleaner

Latest review: Just tried Coles Ultra glass and window cleaner for the first time. Cleans ok for the price but the perfume is overwhelming even when using it outside. Would give it an another star and buy it again

Coles Fabric Softener

Latest review: I used to buy this product from Coles in corrimal when I used to shop in corrimal and found it pretty good as it does a good job softening the clothes and smells alright / if I shop at Coles I would

Coles Glass Cleaner

Latest review: I find this product great for cleaning my mirrors, windows etc. at a very economical price. Compares well to more expensive

Coles Anti Bacterial Wipes

Latest review: Unlike other reviewers, i found these to be quite strong & moist, the problem for me was they seemed to leave a slightly sticky residue on surfaces, so if anything they have too much liquid in them.

Coles Lemon Smart Buy Bleach

Latest review: After a few hours of soaking a badly mildewed quilt cover in a bathtub with about a quarter of the bottle (mixed in with enough cold water to cover), it appears to have removed all of the mildew, but

Aldi Trimat Advanced

Latest review: Broke out in a rash all over my body. Not allergic to anything! I tested it on my wrist to double check and it felt like it was burning my

Coles Ultra Wet Floor Wipes

Latest review: Purchased roughly a month ago and used around 10 floor wipes so far along with the included handle/mop. The mop is cheap and flimsy as expected for the price. You won't be pushing this hard into

Coles Smart Buy Lemon

Latest review: I recently bought coles smart buy Dishwashing Liquid (Lemon), it's just for 1 AUD for a 1L bottle in Coles store. I know it's not that good, but yea it gets your work done. It's not too thick and is

Coles Shower Scrub

Latest review: Tried the shower scrub for the 1st time. Never had a Coles product fail as miserably as this one. Thought I'd give it a go and although it cleaned some parts, the lower down regions were still

Coles Smart Buy In Cistern Toilet Cleaner

Latest review: Yes this product is a lot cheaper than the so called "name brands" but it just doesn't last. Our lasted less than one week before all the blue colour was gone. I would rather pay more and buy

Coles Smart Buy Methylated Spirits / Turpentine

Latest review: Thats all not good at all..I try this because it cheap but the worst thing is its smell so bad and different.so bad product..cheap but bad quality.Better to buy more expensive

Coles Ultra Front & Top Laundry Powder

Latest review: I purchased this washing detergent as I believe it's had positive reviews, however it has zero scent. Upon removing my clothes, I like to smell a fragrance - with this product there is none

Coles Fast Killer Flying Insect Spray

Latest review: There are spiders in my house and they were knocked out for 0.2 seconds and bam theyre back doin the lotus flower tryna kill me. Mate, I could have spent that $2.50 on m&ms and ya bamboozled me

Coles Ultra Sensitive

Latest review: this so called 'Ultra Sensitive' Fabric Softener has the most poisonous smell. It smells worse than the inside of a dry cleaners shop. Seriously I had to find a place to review this product because

Coles Surface Spray Disinfectant Spring Fresh

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