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Sabco Spray Mop

Latest review: cant get it to spray nothing coming out of the bottle can you remove the part that fits in the handle to clean it or do you just throw it away it was a costly mistake buying

Sabco Triple Action Carpet Sweeper SAB22030

Latest review: My carpet sweeper looks slightly different to the picture shown (it's all green on the base) but it works well on my carpet picking up hair and dust I didn't even know was there. I keep my carpet

Chux Magic Eraser Bathroom

Latest review: Spend the $5-6 on this item before buying expensive gadgets. What it did: 1. Removed lead pencil markings from wall but don’t rub too vigouroudly otherwise the colour of the paint will change. S

Sabco Supadry Spin Mop & Bucket

Latest review: I purchased this mop about a year ago. Three months ago the locking mechanism ceased working, we continued to use it for a month or more before the handle started to bend then broke at the midpoint.

Sabco Super Swish Xtra

Latest review: I have tried so many different types if brooms, mops and vacuums. I have a small dog who sheds like mad - so I need to sweep or vacuum every day or two. This is without doubt the easiest and

Sabco Lightning Mop

Latest review: Mop heads are of extremely low quality - on average they last no longer than one month having been used twice in that time before disintegrating before your very eyes.

Sabco Blue Wonder Mop

Latest review: Purchased this mop the other day and also the Sabco clean-rinse bucket. The mop itself was ok, it did the job required, but unlikely to be any different to any other similar strip mop available. The

Sabco Palm Dish Brush

Latest review: I don't know why it should be so hard to find a decent palm brush for washing the dishes! The ones from Bunnings are utter rubbish, and this Sabco brush is certainly much better quality. It would

Sabco Bamboo Microfibre Mop AB34073

Latest review: Decided to try these microfibre mops because of the absorbent quality of other microfibre rags and towels I have and they're the biggest let down ever. By design of the plastic part of the mop head

Sabco Clean-Rinse Bucket

Latest review: Got the rince & wring mop for my mother inlaw to use on her wooden floors, unfortunately the floors were left just as wet as her old mop did. She still needs to go over her floors again with a dry

Chux Non-Scratch Scourer

Latest review: I have bought this product for quite a few years and have been happy. Recently it was on special at the supermarket so I bought extras. As soon as I started washing a plate the scourer started to

Sabco Handy Swish Mop

Latest review: I usually like Sabco products, but this one is a total pain. Because of the "swish" feature, the mop can rotate and fit into pesky places, such as between fridge and cupboard. But as it rotates it

Sabco Super Swish Mop With Microfingers

Latest review: My wife came home with this a few months back. We used it quite a bit, very useful. After a few weeks the clip broke, and was unable to hold onto the cleaning heads. Be a great product if the clip

Sabco Duex Bathroom Sponge

Latest review: The ‘power mesh’ side of this 2 sided sponge is too harsh & abrasive to use on the surfaces Sabco recommend. After using it, my shower screen is now covered in very deep scratches which I cannot rem

Sabco Wondermop

Latest review: This is by far the WORST mop I have ever used. It will literally pick NOTHING up. Try all you can but I guarantee dirt particles, hair etc will remain on the floor & just be moved from one spot to

Sabco Breeze Squeeze 2

Latest review: The sponge does not absorb all the water on the floor despite continually mopping up and wringing out, which makes washing the floor tedious. The result when the floor is dry is of little dried soapy

Sabco Antibacterial Self Wringing

Latest review: This is the worst mop I have owned. The strings constantly get caught up and you can wring our the water without taking it apart each time. Complete waste of

Chux Dishwand No-Scratch Refills

Latest review: When we first saw the Chux dish wand product on the shelf at the supermarket we gave it a go as Chux has always been a great product. We bought a dish wand (with one sponge) and two packs of

Sabco Bulldozer Cobweb Broom

Latest review: Bought one, the brush snapped off the head of the telescopic pole after three of four goes, not due to heavy handling. So I bought another, same deal.. the plus is that the brush inside thread fits