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Haymes Simply Woodcare Dexpress

Paints & VarnishesHaymes Simply Woodcare Dexpress

3.9 from 26 reviews

Latest review: Really unsure what this product was all about. Application was patchy and didn’t perform to expectations. Started on Monday a week later still trying to achieve a smooth finish between coats. It’s

Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

Oven & Cooktop CleanersEasy-Off Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner

3.1 from 129 reviews

Latest review: I have used this product for years. Always gets the job done but has to be handled carefully. Importantly this new product * stays wet * for a long time after it has been applied and you can leave

Orange Power Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner

Bathroom & Toilet CleanersOrange Power Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner

4.3 from 18 reviews

Latest review: Breaks down/perishes and ruins plastic and acrylic surfaces. Do not use on plastic areas in shower!! Would not recommend product for this reason, it should be further tested or state not for plastic

iRobot Braava 380t

Mops & BucketsiRobot Braava 380t

4.1 from 20 reviews

Latest review: Does a quick mop on the tile floors. Still need to do the weekly mop. No issues to-date! Appears to work well. Don’t think is connects to the iRobot App.

Sabco Supadry Spin Mop & Bucket

Mops & BucketsSabco Supadry Spin Mop & Bucket

3.0 from 108 reviews

Latest review: I love this mop however just recently the part that locks the handle to the mop has cracked and the mop keeps falling off. By looking at some of the comments already posted, being able to replace

Ajax Spray n' Wipe

All Purpose CleanersAjax Spray n' Wipe · includes 9 listings

3.6 from 29 reviews

Latest review: While the product works well everytime I use any Spray&Wipe products I end up with a 3 day headache. I’m not sure what’s in it but if you have a sensitivity to chemicals be awa

Organic Choice Air Freshener

Air Fresheners & DeodorisersOrganic Choice Air Freshener

4.3 from 16 reviews

Latest review: There is nothing organic about this product. I bought the lime and coconut air freshener thinking I was getting a natural essential oil fragrance. Nope! It smells fake because it is fake. There may

Kleva Miracle Magnetic Duster

Brooms & BrushesKleva Miracle Magnetic Duster

3.5 from 32 reviews

Latest review: I purchased the Miracle Magnetic Duster from Kleva Range but neither dusters have attracted dust or particle since the day I received them. I think Kleva Range should send a rep out to test the

Sabco Triple Action Carpet Sweeper SAB22030

Brooms & BrushesSabco Triple Action Carpet Sweeper SAB22030

3.8 from 23 reviews

Latest review: $33 at Bunnings. My best purchase this year by far. I have a large fluffy black cat, always rolling around and shedding on my beige carpet. I also have a barrel "D" brand vacuum cleaner with a

White Knight Renew Tile & Laminate Satin Finish

Paints & VarnishesWhite Knight Renew Tile & Laminate Satin Finish

3.4 from 40 reviews

Latest review: After several attempts painting benchtop....looked great until the final coat of protective product...followed instructions to the letter.... looked great after applying....but once dried is terrible

Orange Power Multi-Purpose Cleaner

All Purpose CleanersOrange Power Multi-Purpose Cleaner

4.3 from 16 reviews

Latest review: This is a great cleaner but we often use substitutes that still work well because its to expensive. imagine the sales figures if costs were dropped to match consumer demand ! I think my local Coles

O Cedar Liquid Furniture Polish

Furniture, Fabric & Metal CleanersO Cedar Liquid Furniture Polish

3.5 from 30 reviews

Latest review: I have a little of the original in a bottle and the new. Tried side by side. New one is cheap and dries cloudy, smears. . The old one is made from natural oils and smells wonderful. Dries to a real

British Paints Decking Oil

Paints & VarnishesBritish Paints Decking Oil · includes 2 listings

3.7 from 24 reviews

Latest review: Bought Kiwila, colour, good to use, but turned out bright orange, how can I make this more natural - even darker brown would be good to blend in with the rest of the

Earth Choice Toilet Cleaner

Bathroom & Toilet CleanersEarth Choice Toilet Cleaner

4.1 from 17 reviews

Latest review: Cleans well, smells fresh, but does say 'antibacterial' in small print, so therefore not too good for septic systems. Have been advised not to use 'antibacterial' products in septic systems by the

The Big Cheese Electronic Mouse Killer

Pest Control ProductsThe Big Cheese Electronic Mouse Killer

4.7 from 12 reviews

Latest review: After years of my wife literally having to pounce on mice, and she has caught a few, we decided to give this thing a try. Less than an hour and the little fool screamed for maybe three seconds and

Bosisto's Multi-Purpose Cleaner

All Purpose CleanersBosisto's Multi-Purpose Cleaner

4.7 from 12 reviews

Latest review: This is incredibly amazing. I use it to clean my shower screen and shower tiles. I'm so impressed with how clean it is. After cleaning shower screen, it had no water marks, no stain, crystal clear

Ecostore Dishwashing Liquid

Dishwashing ProductsEcostore Dishwashing Liquid

4.7 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Ticks all the boxes Eco friendly, less harmful and cost effective. For a tiny drop it bubbles up well and works great. And soft on hands too. After years of using morning fresh they were great until

Cabot's CFP Floor

Paints & VarnishesCabot's CFP Floor · includes 2 listings

3.1 from 53 reviews

Latest review: Pulled up all of the carpet and vinyl underneath of late 40s floors and found beautiful hardwood. Sanded and stained and applied ctp covering to 4 rooms. I followed all of the directions and am

Stain Go Stain Remover

All Purpose CleanersStain Go Stain Remover

4.1 from 17 reviews

Latest review: I thought my bright pink polyester shorts were ruined ...biro marks all over them but thus just melted the marks out with a little bit of gentle rubbing and hasn't affected the fabric at all. So

White King Oxy-Lift Fabric Stain Remover

Laundry DetergentsWhite King Oxy-Lift Fabric Stain Remover

4.5 from 13 reviews

Latest review: Great for removing most stains without bleaching a coloured garment, provided it is used correctly. However have looked for it in many stores and am unable to find it, shelves have been fully stocked

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