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230 listings
4.6 from 2,289 reviews
  • Transparency
    4.6 (1,311)
  • Customer Service
    4.7 (1,344)
  • Application Process
    4.6 (1,310)
  • Timeliness
    4.5 (1,280)
  • Loan Term25.48 years
Tomorrow Finance
3.5 from 13 reviews

Latest review: Tomorrow Finance worked through various scenarios with me before landing on the right strategy for my needs. They took the time to communicate the different options and features and kept me well

AFG Home Loans
2.4 from 61 reviews

Latest review: So when i call up they look as if i have disturbed them. First lime is ‘we are sorry but i have to transfer you to a different company’ as you are with edge home loans. The have a primitive system o

  • Transparency
    2.1 (18)
  • Customer Service
    2.1 (18)
  • Application Process
    2.6 (11)
  • Timeliness
    2.0 (10)
  • Loan Term27.2 years
UBank UHomeLoan
2.0 from 229 reviews

Latest review: I applied for a UBANK homeloan recently and it took them 20 days to assess and deny it, and they denied it one day prior to the finance deadline. I understand they are busy, but they left my case

  • Transparency
    2.0 (50)
  • Customer Service
    2.0 (56)
  • Application Process
    1.9 (51)
  • Timeliness
    1.7 (50)
  • Loan Term29.875 years
ING Home Loans
2.0 from 136 reviews

Latest review: The home loan documents are very confusing. 1 week prior to my settlement date I was told that I need to sign another mortgage document. The trouble to print the document, get leave from work to go

La Trobe Financial Services
2.1 from 89 reviews

Latest review: We recently discharged our loan with La Trobe. The first payout figure they provided was incorrect as they had not taken into consideration the interest that they had taken as an advance but not

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Commonwealth Bank Home Loans
1.8 from 167 reviews

Latest review: With all our accounts with Commbank, we thought we'd attempt a home loan through them before going elsewhere. Terrified, we were paired with our lender Don from the Cheltenham Branch. I have nothing

P&N Bank
2.2 from 29 reviews

Latest review: I took a new HL with this bank. Now I am not sure if I did the right thing and how I am gonna go with them. I have talked to 3 different people at P&N and none of them had a clue. First 1 set up my

Westpac Home Loans
1.8 from 85 reviews

Latest review: I banked with Westpac since 1985. I had been dealing with a Premium Banker - he retired and his replacement was hopeless - she didn't do what she said she would do and even sent me details of other

IMB Home Loan
2.6 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Was going good until they decided to start charging $6 per month out of the blue for the account they forced us to set up with the home loan. They consistently raise the variable rate .10% just

RESIMAC Financial Services
2.2 from 27 reviews

Latest review: One of the worse homeloan lender with a high interest rate and terrible customer service i was stuck with this horrible lender for 3 years they suck all my blood i was paying over 5% interest when

Newcastle Permanent Building Society

Latest review: I had a phone call with Linda Hunter as I needed information for a Finance Assignment, despite not being a proper customer she was very helpful and accommodating to all of my

BankWest Home Loans
1.7 from 87 reviews

Latest review: They contacted me after being with them for 7 years saying my ID provided had expired and if I don’t provided new ID they were going to freeze my accounts. When you try and change banks they make it v

1.8 from 44 reviews

Latest review: Going though a separation changes were made to the loan without no communication with the second borrow leading to financial hardship I ring them and and they put the blame on you I had enough of

HSBC Home Loans
1.9 from 35 reviews

Latest review: I refinanced with HSBC from Westpac last month and the entire process was such a pain. I normally don't write reviews at all but I was so frustrated with dealing with them I even called up their

ANZ Bank Home Loans
1.6 from 157 reviews

Latest review: After 5 weeks 2 extensions and countless hoops, it came down to a not so simple quote. 9 days till settlement and the ANZ requested a quote for some stairs.... Yep, some stairs. We could not get a

Teachers Mutual Bank (NSW Teachers Credit Union)

Latest review: * ATTENTION DO NOT USE THIS BANK * This bank was great until they decided to increase our 1.95% fixed interest rate to 2.14% on the settlement day of the purchase of our first home. They didn't

St.George Bank Home Loans
1.6 from 119 reviews

Latest review: I am a victim off fraud and lost lot of money thank to stgeorge bank Nothing new with St George bank. Esy to still money fron them i know first hand. when my $160,000 got stolen from my home loan by

ME Bank Home Loans
1.6 from 116 reviews

Latest review: Customer service is terrible. Waiting times in excess of 30 minutes. I understand in the safety and paper trail world, but modernise your system. The mobile app has improved somewhat and is quicker

NAB Home Loans
1.5 from 156 reviews

Latest review: They cancelled my direct debit and they don’t know how to reactivate it’s. The only thing they know very well is to say “sorry “. Whatever you ask they saying”I’m not sure”

Bank of Queensland Home Loans

Latest review: Very limited knowledge and rude attitude staff! Poor management! The broker team should really need to be improved by a lot! And especially customer service need to be trained better

4.6 from 2,289 reviews
  • Transparency
    4.6 (1,311)
  • Customer Service
    4.7 (1,344)
  • Application Process
    4.6 (1,310)
  • Timeliness
    4.5 (1,280)
  • Loan Term25.48 years
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