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Bosch Compress 3000
Latest review: Had one of these fitted to our brand new house it has continually come up with fault EO-9 ( which means purge system) after four weeks got in touch with Bosch I was told system needs purging after

Bosch HydroPower
Latest review: Purchased this unit in august 2018 as a replacement for our old bosch unit. We were advised by the installer that this was the one to get. We had the installation techs out four times in the first

Bosch Pilot Ignition
Latest review: Every time we turn a tap on, no matter how close to the system, about 2 minutes of water goes down the drain before it is hot. After continuous issues with the pilot light going out, the ignitor

Bosch Optiflow Professional
Latest review: Ok does it provide hot water yes. Although it will sometimes go cold at random times. The most annoying thing is the noise it makes. Every few minutes it makes a whirring grinding sound. I had the

Bosch Optiflow with Bluetooth
Latest review: During cold weather, this unit runs at low flow for 45 seconds before switching to full flow. This is extremely frustrating, as you need to waste 45s of water and stand in the cold before having a

Bosch Internal Compact
Latest review: After 30 years of service our old water heater died. It was a Bosch, so we replaced it with similar characteristics Bosch product, thinking that we'll get similar quality. This is what happens -

Bosch 32 / 32Q
Latest review: We had 2 of these units installed in the unit complex (8) and within 2 years the heat exchangers failled twice on both units. After being charged over $500.00 each time by AGL servicemen for labour

Bosch Tronic 1000T

Bosch Optiflow Professional Internal

Bosch Condensing 32C