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Dux Proflo

Latest review: Professional and quick installation. They even stabilised the area for me. It is great to have hot water again. The workmen turned up when they said they would and were very friendly and

Dux Always Hot Continuous Flow

Latest review: I booked Dux plumbers via Bunnings stafford to put in a new dux hot water system for friday 21 June 2019 at my rental premise. No one turned up 21 June 2019 to install hot water system despite me

Dux Prodigy 4

Latest review: I have 3 people living at premises and we use hot water for kitchen and bathroom constantly. This hot water system fitted two weeks ago and it’s working in excellent condition so far. I haven’t been u

Quantum Energy AC4 Series

Latest review: The compressor died after 15 months still in warranty and the service to have the part replaced is completely terrible with still waiting no tracking or timeline when it will arrive or be fixed for

Dux Prodigy 5

Latest review: Replaced Tempering value in 4 years time that costed $350.00. Now the Gas control valve is gone and insulation charred. The unit is 6 years old. Plan to replace with another brand on Monday

Dux Prodigy 3

Latest review: As a 33 year experienced and Licensed Plumber and Licensed Gas fitter you get loyal combustion over the expectations of 7 years before replacing the unit. Commissioning of the unit is the key. Peter

Dux Airoheat

Latest review: Had this unit installed at my parents place back in 2009 to replace a previous Dux system that leaked and also had reached 12 years of service, we chose this model as it was a lower kW compared to

Dux Sunpro

Latest review: I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND CHEAPEST PRODUCT DUX DN15DS TO ANYONE We moved to our home in 2012 and thru our builder the dux sunpro DN15DS hot water system was installed.. Builder charge big amount for

Dux Sunpro 305

Latest review: Bought system, failed at 18 months, put in new gas valve, heats water to point of expelling 200litres plus a day through relief valve. Have to manually turn unit on and off to get correct hot water.

Dux Sunpro Gas Solar DN15DT2DC

Latest review: Unit has been crap from day one but bearable. Solar panels started leaking after a frost in 2016. been on the roof a couple times to stop the leak. Had enough of it leaking in May '19 and got the