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AquaMAX G390SS

Latest review: Come out very hot so use on low setting save heaps of gas all ways had hot water just keep going and going out side unit didn't get much rust and could be happier with it lasted more then the normal

Dux Prodigy 5

Latest review: Long showers are not a problem for us , even after washing our hairy little dogs who need lots of baths .overall we are very pleased with our Dux hot water

SolarOz Mains Pressure

Latest review: Not fit for sale, I don’t see how this product paced any type of testing to be sold in Australia. Needs further RND, buy something more know and reliable as it not a cheap exercise to exchange. Sorry

Bosch HydroPower

Latest review: Unit is a couple years old, consistently won’t light. Have to then wait for stupid lock out or have cold shower. Can’t wait to throw it in the tip and get something that wor

Rheem Continuous Flow

Latest review: Unit is 5 years old Works when it wants to Error 11 code keeps showing Contacted Rheem on 4 occasions To no help at all send technician no one shows Just going to change to a Rinnai Must be a

Bosch Pilot Ignition

Latest review: We had this hot water system installed by Ember Plumbing yesterday replacing an existing Bosch 10p which was over 14 years old. Cant complain with the old Bosch system lasting over 14 years. Value

Rinnai Sunmaster Range

Latest review: 18 Month old system was installed on new home and is on 3rd warranty call out. Frost valves leak & have been replaced twice, last set have not lasted 8 months. Pump failed tripping the circuit

Dux Airoheat

Latest review: We have had the Dux Airoheat for at least 8 months now and have no problems at all with the system. There has been no water leakage at all, it is quite to run, we have at times 8 members of the

Rheem Heat Pump MPi Series 2

Latest review: Unit installed but heat pump did not work from day one. After many attempts to fix with heat pump working for 8 months out of five years Rheem washed their hands of it and told us that as the heat

Chromagen Eternity 26

Latest review: Ive had the unit for 10 years now and installed 2 remotes for convenience still going strong hasn't failed touch wood thou im not sure if this has made a difference to the life span but the unit is

Dux Prodigy 3

Latest review: With 2 kids under 3 years the demand for hot water is high at home. The Dux is doing it's job very wel We are extremely satisfied and recommend Dux products to

Wilson SuperX

Latest review: I've had no problems with the water heater in my own apartment, apart from being extremely hot and sometimes hard to get the hot to work (which is probably to do with my mixer tap), however the

Rheem Solar Loline (Electric Boost)

Latest review: We have had the system for a while now, has never been a "hot" water system from the start, 'luke warm' is the best description. Rang Heem a couple of times, the person you need is not available and

Dux Sunpro

Latest review: After noticing the solar connected Dux tank seemed cooler I turned on the booster switch overnight. next morning the water was cold. A visit by the installer replaced the thermostat. I retain the

Stiebel Eltron SimpleX Instantaneous 3 Phase

Latest review: I had a new Stiebel Simplex hot water system installed in my unit in Perth in February. I have just had it removed as it doesn't give a decent supply of hot water. It fluctuates and in the winter is

Chromagen 300L Solar Boost

Latest review: Had this brand since 2007 and the only major problem was a leak in the roof unit. Replaced quickly and the safety valve leaks a little , but it's 12 years old. Quite happy I purchased this unit.


Latest review: We had Rinnai Hotflow 250 installed 10 months ago. This week the heater element burnt out within the 1 year warranty period. Rinnai insists that their technician inspect and replace rather than the

Rheem Solar Collectors S200

Latest review: Our home was built 10 years ago and thus fare we have had to replace solar panels every two years. Last night another shattered ( first good frost of the season). When we initially chose Rheem, we

Rheem Solar Premier

Latest review: When my house was built this was installed and a year later I started to have problems. First when my hot water didn’t work I thought it was weird so I reset it. Then it started to happen on a daily;

Chromagen 200L Gas Boosted

Latest review: Unit is not working little or no hot water have had the unit seen to at least 5 times report each time..still no hot water.have been left without hot

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