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Rheem Continuous Flow

Latest review: Hi... Our hot water system not working since 1and half months even after the visit by plumbers advised for the whole unit change for the amount of $1400 after discount due service delay. Please

Bosch Pilot Ignition

Latest review: We had this hot water system installed by Ember Plumbing yesterday replacing an existing Bosch 10p which was over 14 years old. Cant complain with the old Bosch system lasting over 14 years. Value

Dux Prodigy 4

Latest review: We needed a new unit for our rental property. This product ticked all the boxes, great price, great service, great unit. Positive feedback from out tenant. We would definitely buy

Dux Prodigy 5

Latest review: Luckily we have a plumber in our family who purchased us this hot water heater in a hurry at mates rates back in the middle of winter in August 2011. Has worked perfectly until recently where a small

Rinnai Sunmaster Range

Latest review: 18 Month old system was installed on new home and is on 3rd warranty call out. Frost valves leak & have been replaced twice, last set have not lasted 8 months. Pump failed tripping the circuit

Dux Airoheat

Latest review: This product should be removed from the market as it's got to be a safety risk. Our builder installed this heap of junk when we built. If I'd known more about hot water systems I would have done

Rheem Heat Pump MPi Series 2

Latest review: Rheem should replace the whole unit with a different technology as clearly they can't make it last in line wit the actual length of service expected from a water

Dux Prodigy 3

Latest review: With 2 kids under 3 years the demand for hot water is high at home. The Dux is doing it's job very wel We are extremely satisfied and recommend Dux products to

Wilson SuperX

Latest review: I've had no problems with the water heater in my own apartment, apart from being extremely hot and sometimes hard to get the hot to work (which is probably to do with my mixer tap), however the

Rheem Solar Loline (Electric Boost)

Latest review: Built and installed a Rheem Solar Hot Water system in 2011. In 2013 the tank burst. I was told it was very unusual after I expressed my concerns and the tank was replaced under warranty. 2 weeks

Dux Sunpro

Latest review: 6 year old system. $1000 on new pump and diverted which was suggested by tech support over the phone as Duc have no supportimg plumbers in our region. No tech support in our area. Customer service

Stiebel Eltron SimpleX Instantaneous 3 Phase

Latest review: I had a new Stiebel Simplex hot water system installed in my unit in Perth in February. I have just had it removed as it doesn't give a decent supply of hot water. It fluctuates and in the winter is

Chromagen 300L Solar Boost

Latest review: I to must join the long list of reviewers who rate this product poorly. I originally purchased this product in 2008 attracted to the then 7 year warranty. Within 6 years the tank needed replacement.


Latest review: our 3 year old Rinnai Instantaneous 10 has stopped working.. called Rinnai and they were hopless.. so much for their "troubleshooting".. they said to call a plumber.. no help at all..Junk

Rheem Solar Collectors S200

Latest review: Our home was built 10 years ago and thus fare we have had to replace solar panels every two years. Last night another shattered ( first good frost of the season). When we initially chose Rheem, we

Rheem Solar Premier

Latest review: When my house was built this was installed and a year later I started to have problems. First when my hot water didn’t work I thought it was weird so I reset it. Then it started to happen on a daily;

Chromagen 200L Gas Boosted

Latest review: Gas boosted solar unit was installed by the builder. First issue was having to remove the water saving device from shower heads otherwise it would go from hot to cold during showers. This was done by

Bosch Optiflow Professional

Latest review: Ok does it provide hot water yes. Although it will sometimes go cold at random times. The most annoying thing is the noise it makes. Every few minutes it makes a whirring grinding sound. I had the

Dux Sunpro 305

Latest review: SUNPRO 305 Installed 12th August 2007 Pilot Light malfunction Unitrol Unit Replaced (Warranty) 15th January 2008 Cost of plumber to me. Pilot Light malfunction Unitrol Unit Replaced (Warranty) 5th

Dux Sunpro Gas Solar DN15DT2DC

Latest review: Like the other review , I also live in Portland Victoria and have had nothing but trouble from our Dux solar water heater . First it was a split tank ( under warranty ) but I had to pay labour , then

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