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Thermann Evacuated Tube Solar
Latest review: I have been to numerous of these, being an installer, and can see why people think they are rubbish, this is down to poor workmanship on installation or the timer settings for boosting not

Gleamous DSL - 30N
Latest review: Worked okay for about 7 months then stopped working rang Gleamous in regards to my warranty got a complete run around saying we get back to you later never rang me back every time I rang them it was

Rheem Solar Hiline
Latest review: Thanks to the efficient Rheem team I have just had my third heater installed. Gratis. I was assured that this new enamel model surpasses the others. The problem seemed to be with the tanks coming

AquaMAX E315S36
Latest review: I have had the 315 for 3 year's and had 4 elements leak and now they can't get the elements out so hot water services useless warranty department run by children they dont even documents each time

Chromagen Eternity 26
Latest review: Have had this until for only 7 years. Started off getting hot water only intermittently. Now very rarely are we able to get hot water. I wish companies would make products to last. I could purchase

Rheem HDi-310
Latest review: Installed heater in a new build. Appeared to work fine until after four years no hot water. Technician called and fixed at a cost of almost $600. Turns out heat pump had never worked and we were

Bosch Optiflow with Bluetooth
Latest review: During cold weather, this unit runs at low flow for 45 seconds before switching to full flow. This is extremely frustrating, as you need to waste 45s of water and stand in the cold before having a

Rinnai Prestige Range
Latest review: It's a long saga. That SHW system was installed on our new house in Sept. 2009. After several call-outs to fix the minor leaks the tank sprung a big leak and had to be replaced in 2011, together with

Bosch Internal Compact
Latest review: After 30 years of service our old water heater died. It was a Bosch, so we replaced it with similar characteristics Bosch product, thinking that we'll get similar quality. This is what happens -

Thermann Electric Storage Water System
Latest review: I moved into a brand new flat just 20 months ago. On Sunday my power went out, beyond just the flick of a switch in my switch box. After a night of no power it was fixed Monday. Five minutes later,

Rheem Metro
Latest review: Similar experience to prior reviews. Since installing this unit the water pressure drops to nearly nothing for 20-30 seconds then dribbles at Luke warm and eventually gets hot. The plumber who sold

Rinnai Solar Gas Boosters
Latest review: Bought our place 2 yrs ago. Is now 5 yrs old. A month after purchase we heard water gushing but no idea where from. Never had solar before. Contacted previous owner who was also builder, who got the

Rheem Electric Water 491/492/493 Series
Latest review: I had a new Rheem 315lt electric hot water system purchased & installed on 21.6.18. It replaced a 315lt Vulcan electric hot water system that was about 17yrs old and we had 2 bouts of running out of

Rinnai Integrated Heat Pump RIN250EHP
Latest review: Words cannot really describe the problems we have had with this unit. We installed this system in November 2012 and every winter because of its flawed design water gets into the system and causes the

Bosch 32 / 32Q
Latest review: We had 2 of these units installed in the unit complex (8) and within 2 years the heat exchangers failled twice on both units. After being charged over $500.00 each time by AGL servicemen for labour

Companion AquaCube Lithium COMP830LI
Latest review: Paid full retail for this piece of junk - been on 2 trips, cared for per the instructions and now has multiple errors and out of warranty. Buyers beware. When it did work every time I switched it on

Rheem RheemPlus Water Series
Latest review: it will only last the 5year warranty period just, ours started leaking at the top 3 months before expiry of your warranty. Rheem did eventually give us a replacement unit but we were out of pocket

Ecosmart Roof Mounted
Latest review: Ecosmart Hot Water System was installed in Nov 2011. I was informed that the entire system had a 10 year warranty, this did not include the electronic panel located on the side of the water tank

Chromagen Eternity T20
Latest review: In 2014 (19/09/2014) we took ownership of our newly built Home. The house came with a Chromagen T20 LPG instant hot water system. The unit lasted 2 years and 7 months before it completely stopped

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