Household Utilities in Australian Capital Territory Canberra–Queanbeyan

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  • Award Winner 2021

Internet Service ProvidersLauntel · includes 3 listings

4.9 from 548 reviews

With a focus on personalised Australian service and a contract-free business model, Launtel has won over many customers who crave the convenience of fast-speed internet with no lock-in contracts.

  • No lock-in contracts

  • Speedy internet and quick service activation are appreciated

  • Can pause your internet service if you're going on holidays

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    4.9 (431)
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Mint Telecom
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Internet Service ProvidersMint Telecom · includes 5 listings

4.9 from 431 reviews

Latest review: Been a customer for several years now have had no real issues. Speeds are consistent, everything just works as it should. The odd occasion that I have required Tech support it has been great, I see

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    4.9 (157)
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Aussie Broadband
  • Award Winner 2020

Internet Service ProvidersAussie Broadband · includes 7 listings

4.6 from 5,564 reviews

Latest review: All the 5 star reviews are all genuine because after reading them, i switched on too them. Best Customer Service so far. I experienced TPG and Belong before and Aussie Broadband is definitely better

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    4.6 (3,227)
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Australia On Line

Internet Service ProvidersAustralia On Line · includes 8 listings

4.7 from 218 reviews

Latest review: Excellent, friendly and very prompt service each and every time I have contacted them. Recently my nbn box was damaged after a storm which affected my ability to work. Michael facilitated a very

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    5.0 (62)
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Internet Service ProvidersMATE · includes 5 listings

4.4 from 2,519 reviews

Latest review: I love that this is an Aussie owned and operated company! There was an issue in first week of connecting but they fixed it straight away.That was 5mths ago,no issues since. Internet connection is

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    4.6 (935)
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Barefoot Telecom

Internet Service ProvidersBarefoot Telecom · includes 5 listings

4.4 from 491 reviews

Latest review: Very disappointed with Barefoot and their customer service. Difficult to get through, had to wait several hours for a call back. Operator was rude, told me I had not tried to call at any other time

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    4.4 (126)
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Harbour ISP

Internet Service ProvidersHarbour ISP · includes 7 listings

4.2 from 1,263 reviews

Latest review: My wifi was not working the internet light was off. Aila helped me reset the settings and my internet is sorted out. We had problems with internet speed some days but hopefully that is also sorted

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    4.3 (625)
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Tangerine Telecom

Internet Service ProvidersTangerine Telecom · includes 5 listings

4.1 from 2,089 reviews

Latest review: So glad I switched to Tangerine. The sped we are getting as a family is fast and the connection has not failed. No more buffering either! Plus we are saving money. Well

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    4.1 (1,485)
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Internet Service ProvidersBordernet · includes 2 listings

4.7 from 66 reviews

Latest review: Satellite down. Customer service very poor across all issues. No mention of satellite outage on web page. Other customer service issues always poorly serviced. Phone doesn't answer . Web site

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    3.7 (3)
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Internet Service ProvidersOntheNet · includes 4 listings

4.7 from 59 reviews

Latest review: They have fantastic customer service (thanks Paul) great NBN speeds and the prices are keen too. Was dealing with Telstra but they said 3 months to connect to NBN so i called onthenet -they did it in

  • Transparency
    4.5 (10)
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Internet Service ProvidersOptiComm

4.0 from 389 reviews

Latest review: Quick waiting time, service connected very quickly. Staff very easy to talk to, as we are new to opticomm, and didn’t understand things, and they were explained in easy terms that older person could u

  • Transparency
    4.3 (120)
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Swoop Broadband

Internet Service ProvidersSwoop Broadband · includes 8 listings

4.5 from 65 reviews

Latest review: I transfered to Swoop believing they would resolve all my internet and phone issues. However all they did was create a whole new issue. They are in Victoria and I am in Queensland. I am unable to

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    4.7 (47)
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Internet Service ProvidersLizzy · includes 5 listings

4.5 from 61 reviews

Latest review: reliable, had a couple of drop outs with NBN but problem soon fixed, Spoke to Lizzy who chased up problems. and came back and advised me on faults and problems, and possible how long I would be off

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    5.0 (6)
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Enova Community Energy

Energy ProvidersEnova Community Energy

4.9 from 36 reviews

Latest review: Enova was recommended through a friend and did not disappoint. Collin vas very knowledgeable and friendly. He made the sign up quick, easy and answered all of my questions hesitation. Would

  • Transparency
    4.9 (30)
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Internet Service ProvidersOccom · includes 6 listings

4.5 from 61 reviews

Latest review: I have used occom for over few months, I tried out their lowest band first, and it gives the perfect speed, enough for gaming for surfing and everything super reliable

  • Transparency
    4.4 (50)
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Future Broadband

Internet Service ProvidersFuture Broadband · includes 5 listings

5.0 from 33 reviews

Latest review: Recently churned from AussieBB due to price hike on a NBN 100 plan. It is a couple of $ cheaper than what I was paying before the hike. The portal and setup isn't as polished as AussieBB, but I'm a

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    5.0 (14)
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Internet Service ProvidersInternode · includes 7 listings

3.9 from 2,572 reviews

Latest review: Internode is very reliable, I've only had 1 or 2 short hiccups with connection over the 4 years that I've been with them. Any issues that I've had were resolved promptly by

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    4.4 (1,513)
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More Telecom

Internet Service ProvidersMore Telecom · includes 5 listings

4.3 from 71 reviews

Latest review: Transitioning from the conventional digital system based on ADSL etc to NBN for a busy medical practice is not easy as not to disrupt the clinical work and our commitment to colleagues, patients and

  • Transparency
    4.0 (12)
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Internet Service ProvidersGoodtel · includes 3 listings

5.0 from 28 reviews

Latest review: I just signed on a week ago and it has been great! Activation was only about a 3 day wait and the only issue with connection was from my end. Turns out Telstra locks its modems (nice wastage!) so if

  • Transparency
    4.9 (23)
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Internet Service ProvidersUniti · includes 4 listings

3.8 from 338 reviews

Latest review: I never thought I'd live the day that I'd be satisfied by an ISP until today. Now im 63 I'm not very technical but it was refreshing to deal with Shamim a very kind and humble person who was easy

  • Transparency
    3.5 (134)
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