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Household Utilities in Australian Capital Territory Canberra–Queanbeyan

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Pacific Hydro

Energy ProvidersPacific Hydro

4.5 from 33 reviews

Latest review: I am with Pacific Hydro with last one year. Straight forward electricity price. You no need to calculator for discount rates (one time pay), no discount movie tickets-ETC. i am very happy with them.

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    5.0 (1)

Internet Service ProvidersPentanet · includes 4 listings

4.7 from 28 reviews

Latest review: After deciding to put an end to poor LBNCO service from one of the providers (with overseas customer care), I decided enough is enough and googled to find Pentanet and the reviews were great. Sent a

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    4.7 (26)

Internet Service ProvidersSkyMesh · includes 8 listings

3.5 from 1,207 reviews

Latest review: Been with skymesh about 3 years very happy with there service friendly staff price is good for what I need. Set up was good bought modem from skymesh still going strong never had a problem.

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    3.4 (172)
Sumo Energy

Energy ProvidersSumo Energy · includes 2 listings

3.5 from 824 reviews

Latest review: I joined with a 24% off offer in October 2020 when Sumo were new to the Qld market. 4.5 stars. 1/2 star off because: - no online chat/email correspondence available - no online portal to manage

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    4.3 (414)

    Energy ProvidersQEnergy

    3.6 from 302 reviews

    Latest review: Switched to QEnergy. No way to pay QEnergy invoice using credit card online. Only need to call them. Are they for real? it is 2021. Called them, they are closed, for

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      2.2 (31)
    Globird Energy

    Energy ProvidersGlobird Energy

    3.6 from 226 reviews

    Latest review: Signed up for gas. Received a quote for Easysave plan on wed. 4 days later, Went on website to sign up and discover rates have increased. Went back to email and sign up using link to get earlier

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      3.9 (135)

    Internet Service ProvidersTeleron · includes 4 listings

    3.7 from 125 reviews

    Latest review: Great rates. Been using Teleron for couple of years without issues, however lately there have been some connection issues and variable speeds for couple of weeks. Customer service was awesome and got

    Energy Locals

    Energy ProvidersEnergy Locals

    3.7 from 86 reviews

    Latest review: I called EnergyLocals for the first time today, as an interested potential customer. My fist impression was not what I expected. I waited on the line for more than 20 minutes to be connected to a

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      3.7 (64)
    Click Broadband

    Internet Service ProvidersClick Broadband · includes 5 listings

    3.5 from 129 reviews

    Latest review: I've been with Click Broadband a few years and I love it as I been treated like a customer should. Since the ownership changed everything went downhill... As I write this review I've been without

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      1.7 (15)

    Internet Service ProvidersSuperloop · includes 7 listings

    3.4 from 259 reviews

    Latest review: I love Superloop. To be honest I get better speeds with these guys than Aussie Broadband and less problems. Their wait times can be a bit long but I think that's due to so many people jumping over

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      3.6 (228)

    Internet Service ProvidersSpinTel · includes 7 listings

    3.2 from 3,280 reviews

    Latest review: Mercy is the best! Mercy resolved my issue, with minimal stress, highly recommend Spintel for NBN and mobile. I will definitely make sure that I am writing to you later today or tomorrow

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      3.9 (1,283)

    Internet Service ProvidersiiNet · includes 14 listings

    3.2 from 7,334 reviews

    Latest review: I ind Iinet to be a reliable internet provider. Our research amongst our colleagues unanimously suggested Iinet was the best option. Everyone talked how Iinet has the best troubleshooting

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      4.2 (4,045)

    Internet Service ProvidersIpstar · includes 6 listings

    3.2 from 340 reviews

    Latest review: All you can say is, it is rubbish in this day and age. Had quicker much cheaper internet 20 years ago with dial up. You should only be charging a fraction of the

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      3.6 (88)
    Kogan Internet

    Internet Service ProvidersKogan Internet · includes 6 listings

    3.1 from 772 reviews

    Latest review: Hanoze was very helpful with my enquiries and solved my issues very quickly. My service was disconnected and this guy helped my with no hesitation. Good value for money with Kogan NBN 50

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      3.2 (558)

    Internet Service ProvidersNextalk · includes 5 listings

    3.7 from 44 reviews

    Latest review: I have been with these guys for quite a while and for the most part I think it’s a great service at the price they offer. I’ve had one drop out but that’s pretty good.

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      4.0 (1)
    Tango Electricity

    Energy ProvidersTango Electricity

    3.3 from 73 reviews

    Latest review: I was reading an article saying how electricity prices have fallen during 2020, so I checked my Tango bill ... I nearly fell over .. they have put our price up from 26c/kw to 30c/kw (peak) and 13 to

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      2.9 (40)
    Epic Broadband

    Internet Service ProvidersEpic Broadband · includes 7 listings

    3.0 from 267 reviews

    Latest review: This company has charged multiple people for a service and has gone offline completely. There is no ability to speak to any customer service as they do not answer their phone number or answer any

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      3.1 (255)

    Internet Service ProvidersFlip · includes 4 listings

    3.0 from 396 reviews

    Latest review: Jorge Maldonado He is the most honest , compassionate , and reliable customer service person at that place . When you have problems with your internet service and phone because you will don't deal

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      2.9 (195)

    Internet Service ProvidersMyRepublic · includes 7 listings

    2.9 from 4,014 reviews

    Latest review: I would not recommend this service to my worst enemy, terrible communication, they owed us money from overcharging and then proceed to send debt collectors after us despite owing US.

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      3.1 (1,214)

    Internet Service ProvidersSpirit · includes 3 listings

    3.4 from 55 reviews

    Latest review: I'm not sure what the negative reviews are on about... Spirit have been a godsend, especially during 2020 when we were are locked down in Melbourne. Downloads AND uploads were blazing fast. We were

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      2.8 (20)
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