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Household Utilities in New South Wales Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong

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Internet Service ProvidersMyRepublic · includes 7 listings

2.9 from 4,014 reviews

Latest review: I would not recommend this service to my worst enemy, terrible communication, they owed us money from overcharging and then proceed to send debt collectors after us despite owing US.

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    3.1 (1,214)

Internet Service ProvidersSpirit · includes 3 listings

3.4 from 55 reviews

Latest review: I'm not sure what the negative reviews are on about... Spirit have been a godsend, especially during 2020 when we were are locked down in Melbourne. Downloads AND uploads were blazing fast. We were

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    2.8 (20)

Internet Service ProvidersCommSys

4.7 from 15 reviews

Latest review: We installed internet, phone system and cloud services. The whole process was very smooth and seamless, was kept up to date and all progressions. The support staff were second to none. Really did

NodeOne Internet

Internet Service ProvidersNodeOne Internet · includes 6 listings

3.8 from 31 reviews

Latest review: The Sales and Provisioning team were excellent (thanks Eric!). The installation team were very fast, professional, clean and super knowledgeable (thanks Paul and Kye!). The service is up and running

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    4.0 (22)

Internet Service ProvidersVostroNet

3.4 from 58 reviews

Latest review: awful connection, I would provide a speed test image but it's so slow that I can barely get to the speedtest website. download isn't everything though; the ping is even worse. And it will completely

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    3.6 (13)

Internet Service ProvidersActiv8me · includes 9 listings

2.9 from 613 reviews

Latest review: Transferred to Activ8 from another provider - one thing that I have found bad in comparison is the members area and data usage details. The presentation of Activ8 Account services is dreadful,

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    2.5 (93)
Arc Energy Group

Energy ProvidersArc Energy Group

3.2 from 77 reviews

Latest review: Uses it's monopoly in apartments to charge more than it's competitors. Has 'issues' with its billing system. Won't follow their own complaints process. The company needs to be investigated by

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    2.5 (39)
Mojo Power

Energy ProvidersMojo Power

2.9 from 128 reviews

Latest review: Terrible service, no phone number, live chat goes to some service centre located in a country that has English as a fourth language, jerked me around for a month before telling me that a smart meter

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    2.9 (16)
Freedom Internet

Internet Service ProvidersFreedom Internet · includes 3 listings

2.8 from 365 reviews

Latest review: We have been using Freedom for over a year now. The service is wired throughout our Apartment Hotel & Residences. We are able to set and forget the internet connection so guests have easy access

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    2.4 (84)
Powershop Australia

Energy ProvidersPowershop Australia

2.7 from 424 reviews

Latest review: I have just built a house with solar panels which are said to be free but you have to sign a 5 year contract with power shop. Firstly my electricity bill is higher than anyone who doesn't have solar

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    3.1 (72)

Internet Service ProvidersFuzeNet · includes 4 listings

2.7 from 675 reviews

Latest review: Great service, patient and persistent to get my wireless router re configured until the issue was resolved thank you Spoke with 2 others but finally resolved when Akash took my call thank you.

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    3.4 (195)
Dodo Power & Gas

Energy ProvidersDodo Power & Gas

2.7 from 420 reviews

Latest review: Perfect to keep tabs on my teen without breaking the bank. How many more words do I need to write to get to a total of thirty silly stupid

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    3.4 (177)
Switched On Australia

Internet Service ProvidersSwitched On Australia

3.7 from 24 reviews

Latest review: Finally a company who know the tech industry. We have multiple offices throughout Asia, USA & Australia with Switched On. They are an extremely tech savvy business who know their stuff! Their

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    3.0 (4)

Internet Service ProvidersGigafy

3.0 from 61 reviews

Latest review: I've had gigafy for almost a year now and simply love it. Way faster than the Telstra Broadband I use to have. 90MBPS in peak times (8pm) and almost equal upload speeds. Whenever I've had to

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    3.4 (46)

Home Phone Service ProvidersSIPTalk

4.1 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Background - I was with TPG for a few years, on an NBN 50/20 plan with Voice bundle and I have to say that from the beginning the voice service was never a stand out performer. Recently it was barely

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    4.5 (8)
Inspired Broadband

Internet Service ProvidersInspired Broadband · includes 5 listings

2.9 from 65 reviews

Latest review: NBN finally became available for my business area 3 years ago. Straight away I had a sales person from Inspired show up. Keen to get onto the NBN I signed up. Biggest regret i have had in business so

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    2.3 (11)

Internet Service ProvidersVodafone · includes 4 listings

2.5 from 330 reviews

Latest review: Terrible experience with vodafone. I was updating my plan and was offered a discount to shift from my previous provider.I was assured my internet connection will nit be impacted so i said

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    2.3 (119)

Internet Service ProvidersVocus

3.0 from 36 reviews

Latest review: Our business needed an upgrade for our internet connection. I had contacted a fair few fiber providers. Vocus came to the price party and gave us premium Telstra 1000/1000 fiber for a really good

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    4.0 (1)
ACN Pacific Energy

Energy ProvidersACN Pacific Energy

2.5 from 67 reviews

Latest review: I sign up last June 2019 for this ACN click energy because of this agent who promised me that I will save a lot of money than my previous provider. For the next quarters I did notice that I was

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    2.3 (6)
Blink Mobile Broadband

Internet Service ProvidersBlink Mobile Broadband

2.3 from 99 reviews

Latest review: Stole off me going to ACCC and Federal Police. Took money out of my account without my authority. The use Indians on the phone that lie to you absolute

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    1.0 (4)
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