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Internet Service ProvidersSpinTel · includes 7 listings

3.2 from 3,143 reviews

Latest review: First had a billing query, was resolved by Elsa. After that, had to cancel a service to move to a new plan - Carol called me back and made sure that it went through. Spintel's support system is great

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    3.9 (1,189)
Aussie Broadband
  • Award Winner 2020

Internet Service ProvidersAussie Broadband · includes 8 listings

4.6 from 5,749 reviews

Latest review: They made it so easy to join and when I had a question about setting up my old modem the Aust call Centre where excellent and patient. Can not recommend highly enough.

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    4.6 (3,427)
Tangerine Telecom

Internet Service ProvidersTangerine Telecom · includes 4 listings

4.1 from 2,219 reviews

Latest review: Swapped to Tangerine internet for a faster yet cheaper plan than what I was on. The changeover couldn’t have been easier and the nbn speed is great! Highly recommend it.

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    4.1 (1,612)
  • Award Winner 2021

Internet Service ProvidersLauntel · includes 3 listings

4.9 from 627 reviews

With a focus on personalised Australian service and a contract-free business model, Launtel has won over many customers who crave the convenience of fast-speed internet with no lock-in contracts.

  • No lock-in contracts

  • Speedy internet and quick service activation are appreciated

  • Can pause your internet service if you're going on holidays

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    4.9 (507)
Globird Energy

Energy ProvidersGlobird Energy

3.6 from 223 reviews

Latest review: When my initial application got rejected, I received a call from the customer experience team - Daniel from the team walked me through the application review process and explained in some

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    3.9 (132)
AGL Energy

Energy ProvidersAGL Energy

1.3 from 1,723 reviews

Latest review: I swapped over thinking I would simplify my billing and have had nothing but drop out issues. Going back to TPG even if they're owned by god knows who. At least they work. Communication also sucked

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    1.4 (319)

Internet Service ProvidersMATE · includes 7 listings

4.4 from 2,570 reviews

Latest review: Woeful ability to solve faults. This is the third time we have had moderate/substantial internet issues after storms. The second time MATE took three months to solve the problem. I had to refer them

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    4.5 (983)
Belong Broadband

Internet Service ProvidersBelong Broadband · includes 3 listings

1.6 from 3,086 reviews

Latest review: Pretty poor Belong didn’t tell us customer service now only available on FBMessenger. Waited weeks for a reply to emails before resorting to FB.! Issues with frequent internet outages then resolved

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    1.6 (1,171)
TPG Broadband

Internet Service ProvidersTPG Broadband · includes 5 listings

1.8 from 2,825 reviews

Latest review: We've been with TPG for about 10 years and have had no significant issues with the speed or connection. Until last week I would have given them 4 or 5 stars. The problem started when we tried to

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    1.8 (940)
Origin Energy

Energy ProvidersOrigin Energy

1.4 from 2,068 reviews

Latest review: I received an email from Origin regarding the loss of my concession details. On completion of my call I listened to the conditions finding if I dont consent to the conditions of Origin using my

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    1.5 (496)

Internet Service ProvidersiiNet · includes 14 listings

3.2 from 7,259 reviews

Latest review: At the moment we've been 2 months with no internet. Was only escalated after a month and a half. Constant cancelations of their technicians, who have even said we weren't at home, when we were. Been

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    4.2 (3,981)
Harbour ISP

Internet Service ProvidersHarbour ISP · includes 7 listings

4.2 from 1,288 reviews

Latest review: We’ve been using the company’s predecessor Telesurf for years and have seen the ownership changed. The new mob has honoured our loyalty with them and continues to provide great ser

  • Transparency
    4.2 (640)

Internet Service ProvidersUniti · includes 4 listings

4.0 from 428 reviews

Latest review: Have not had internet access for my t v . Bill paid on time. Multiple complaints. No human contact. WASTE of money. Do not go with this group of loosers You need more words? Waste of time

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    3.8 (178)
Dodo Internet

Internet Service ProvidersDodo Internet · includes 5 listings

2.0 from 1,841 reviews

Latest review: After signing up to dodo and paying the fee i still have no internet. After numerous wasteful and on hold for hours calls they sent someone to connect my internet... He did nothing and i still have

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    2.9 (595)
Red Energy

Energy ProvidersRed Energy

1.9 from 763 reviews

Latest review: I changed to Red Energy 4 years ago in the belief they would use Aussie staff and be cheaper. Last two years have been not good as their rates seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. I was away from

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    2.0 (137)
Simply Energy

Energy ProvidersSimply Energy

1.3 from 1,236 reviews

Latest review: Absolutely appalling customer service, they lost my account. Stated I must have transferred providers when I didn't. Wouldn't give any form of compensation, absolutely panicked when I brought up the

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    1.2 (290)
Epic Broadband

Internet Service ProvidersEpic Broadband · includes 7 listings

3.7 from 136 reviews

Latest review: Joined epic, was having some issues with speeds and connectivity after discussing the problems someone helped me setup a IPoe connection and I was able to fix the problems instantly. Epic actually

  • Transparency
    3.7 (132)

Internet Service ProvidersFuzeNet · includes 4 listings

2.6 from 642 reviews

Latest review: Ben took my call on the helpline. He patiently walked me through all the steps which I needed to to to access internet at home. To the point I longer felt that I was silly and had a much better

  • Transparency
    3.3 (178)
Mint Telecom
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Internet Service ProvidersMint Telecom · includes 6 listings

4.9 from 385 reviews

Latest review: Called Mint Telecom in the morning, everything was up and running smoothly by lunchtime! Really friendly bunch and I love that emails are replied to so quickly :) So far so good, excellent wifi

  • Transparency
    4.9 (154)

Energy ProvidersCovaU

4.4 from 1,126 reviews

Latest review: Who cares about their prices if they call work days, weekends, several times a day. Never touch this piece of crap if you don't want being bombarded with calls! And they never remove you from the

  • Transparency
    4.6 (298)
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