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Diamond Energy

Energy ProvidersDiamond Energy

3.9 from 92 reviews

Latest review: The company charge me more than $60 on every invoice on top of Electricty under the name of Diamond pure plus 100%. Many customer not aware that this fee is not required to pay and it's on top of

  • Transparency
    3.6 (11)

Internet Service ProvidersPentanet · includes 4 listings

4.7 from 30 reviews

Latest review: I’m a very happy convert to Pentanet. The Pentanet product is outstanding but the customer service is off the charts good! 5 stars for the fixed wireless. Will interwebs again.

  • Transparency
    4.7 (28)
Pacific Hydro

Energy ProvidersPacific Hydro

4.5 from 33 reviews

Latest review: I am with Pacific Hydro with last one year. Straight forward electricity price. You no need to calculator for discount rates (one time pay), no discount movie tickets-ETC. i am very happy with them.

  • Transparency
    5.0 (1)
Sumo Energy

Energy ProvidersSumo Energy · includes 2 listings

3.5 from 839 reviews

Latest review: I have found that Sumo energy is the best. Affordable prices especially for my family. If is a huge difference from the previous power company that I was with. They in actual fact tried to bully


    Energy ProvidersQEnergy

    3.6 from 304 reviews

    Latest review: Reviewing my comparison rates ,Q energy have the best in the country , not to mention the customer service department who went out of their way to assist with further details regarding my utilities

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    Internet Service ProvidersSkyMesh · includes 8 listings

    3.5 from 1,225 reviews

    Latest review: I ordered a new connection from Skymesh to change the service from my current service provider for my holiday house where I spend the weekends. I tried to set up the router in a weekend when I was

    Globird Energy

    Energy ProvidersGlobird Energy

    3.6 from 231 reviews

    Latest review: Electricity Supply Only. Setup was relatively painless, although I did need to contact them to keep the process going. Just received my first bill and it is a 15% saving over my previous supplier


    Internet Service ProvidersTeleron · includes 4 listings

    3.7 from 125 reviews

    Latest review: Great rates. Been using Teleron for couple of years without issues, however lately there have been some connection issues and variable speeds for couple of weeks. Customer service was awesome and got


    Internet Service ProvidersSuperloop · includes 7 listings

    3.4 from 285 reviews

    Latest review: Had issues with terrible speed and constant disconnect. Rang support which is often a 4hr wait time. Their initial tier-support does all the basic run around to do the checking like scripted robots


    Internet Service ProvidersSpinTel · includes 7 listings

    3.3 from 3,480 reviews

    Latest review: Having housed iiNet and Telstra previously I have experienced poor customer service, I have to say Spintels customer service was perfect. They kept in touch, updated me via text, email and phone at

    Energy Locals

    Energy ProvidersEnergy Locals

    3.6 from 91 reviews

    Latest review: I changed our electricity to Energy Locals to save money. The change was done on my iPhone and I slipped up. Energy Locals contacted me to sort my incomplete signup. I checked my concessions were

    Click Broadband

    Internet Service ProvidersClick Broadband · includes 5 listings

    3.5 from 129 reviews

    Latest review: I've been with Click Broadband a few years and I love it as I been treated like a customer should. Since the ownership changed everything went downhill... As I write this review I've been without


    Internet Service ProvidersiiNet · includes 14 listings

    3.2 from 7,451 reviews

    Latest review: IiNet has been my service provider since 1997 when I started my business. I'm not terrific with techy know-how, so I've had to use the helpline a fair bit. The vast majority of the time, they've been


    Internet Service ProvidersIpstar · includes 6 listings

    3.2 from 341 reviews

    Latest review: Connection was ok, very high ping not good for gaming. The connection speed would quite often fluctuate. Drop-outs weren't very common but did happen a few times. The download limits of 300gb per

    Kogan Internet

    Internet Service ProvidersKogan Internet · includes 6 listings

    3.1 from 800 reviews

    Latest review: I was helped by Dev over the phone who helped me get an extension and was very excellent and efficient and prompt. Very satisfied customer here since 2019. Thanks


    Internet Service ProvidersNextalk · includes 5 listings

    3.7 from 44 reviews

    Latest review: I have been with these guys for quite a while and for the most part I think it’s a great service at the price they offer. I’ve had one drop out but that’s pretty good.


    Internet Service ProvidersFlip · includes 4 listings

    3.0 from 401 reviews

    Latest review: When we first came on board there were a few teething problems but the response time was excellent and the service personnel were very polite and very professional in handling the teething problem I

    NodeOne Internet

    Internet Service ProvidersNodeOne Internet · includes 6 listings

    3.8 from 33 reviews

    Latest review: I have registered for the service and have been waiting for 2months already for amplify HD Modem. They have failed to get them stock and give connection at my home. Such a poor service. I definitely


    Internet Service ProvidersSpirit · includes 3 listings

    3.4 from 55 reviews

    Latest review: I'm not sure what the negative reviews are on about... Spirit have been a godsend, especially during 2020 when we were are locked down in Melbourne. Downloads AND uploads were blazing fast. We were


    Internet Service ProvidersMyRepublic · includes 7 listings

    2.9 from 4,059 reviews

    Latest review: Been a customer with MyRepublic for more than 3 years. So far contacted tech support on 3 occasions and was quite disappointed with the level of service. I would usually brush this aside as long

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