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  • Award Winner 2021

Internet Service ProvidersLauntel · includes 3 listings

4.9 from 713 reviews

With a focus on personalised Australian service and a contract-free business model, Launtel has won over many customers who crave the convenience of fast-speed internet with no lock-in contracts.

  • No lock-in contracts

  • Speedy internet and quick service activation are appreciated

  • Can pause your internet service if you're going on holidays

  • Transparency
    4.9 (591)
Mint Telecom
  • Award Winner 2021
  • 2020

Internet Service ProvidersMint Telecom · includes 6 listings

4.9 from 400 reviews

Latest review: Wonderful service from Mint given the run around we’ve just had with Aussie BB. Moved into a premise and they had trouble getting the NBN up, when we called to troubleshoot this they said it was N

  • Transparency
    4.9 (167)
Australia On Line

Internet Service ProvidersAustralia On Line · includes 8 listings

4.8 from 242 reviews

Latest review: I have been with Australia Online for 17 years, and not once in all that time have I had reason to complain about them. I am a senior citizen and every time I have had to ask for help, it has been

  • Transparency
    4.9 (82)
Aussie Broadband
  • Award Winner 2020

Internet Service ProvidersAussie Broadband · includes 8 listings

4.5 from 5,932 reviews

Latest review: We signed up with Aussie Broadband approximately 3 months ago. We were advised we could purchase a modem (at a high cost) through them, or buy one and have it set up to use with Aussie Broadband. We


    Internet Service ProvidersMATE · includes 7 listings

    4.4 from 2,636 reviews

    Latest review: Joined MATE from other ISP, and my MATE customer service experience has been wonderful. The support personnel is able to answer my questions promptly and they are very friendly to talk to. I have

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    Wendy Z.
    Wendy Z.22 Nov 2019
    Swoop Broadband

    Internet Service ProvidersSwoop Broadband · includes 13 listings

    4.6 from 92 reviews

    Latest review: Swoop is fantastic. My email reception had a problem and both Rick and Ben were very competent in helping me to fix the issue. Swoop are so friendly and easy to deal with. Huge thank

    Enova Community Energy

    Energy ProvidersEnova Community Energy

    4.9 from 51 reviews

    Latest review: Just signed up for their solar premium plan. I was about to do it online but decided to call to see if I was still going to get my 44 cents Energex feed-in tariff. That was confirmed and all my

    Harbour ISP

    Internet Service ProvidersHarbour ISP · includes 7 listings

    4.2 from 1,330 reviews

    Latest review: Was so overwhelmed by the customer support. So surprised and cant thank you enough customer service. They read my review, made contact and then rang with satisfaction just to make me HAPPY. Thank

    Tangerine Telecom

    Internet Service ProvidersTangerine Telecom · includes 4 listings

    4.1 from 2,379 reviews

    Latest review: Tried deleting up a wifi modern on a Friday around lunchtime but connection wasn’t able to established from my wall socket so tangerine sent out a technician the following Monday who crawled through m


    Internet Service ProvidersUniti · includes 4 listings

    4.1 from 525 reviews

    Latest review: Called Unity today had problem with internet connection, Amin was do polite and very respectful, he helped me sort out the problem with absolute ease and without me feeling stupid..a thorough


    Internet Service ProvidersOntheNet · includes 4 listings

    4.7 from 60 reviews

    Latest review: Great company to deal with and local to the gold coast. Speeds are stable with no drop outs yet. Happy to recommend them when compared to slightly lower priced unhelpful overseas


    Internet Service ProvidersInternode · includes 7 listings

    4.1 from 2,097 reviews

    Latest review: I had this internet connection for 4 years now and never had issue with connection reliability. Speed is not for playing online video games but good for all ordinary stuff. I only had an issue with

    Click Energy

      Energy ProvidersClick Energy

      4.0 from 5,956 reviews

      Latest review: Those few months have been pretty good. Now it’s part of AGL , better online app. I just hope they don’t change my plan as the flora plus has pretty good rates for me.


      Internet Service ProvidersOptiComm

      4.0 from 426 reviews

      Latest review: We had the option of taking a $650 payment from Villawood developers or taking up the Opticomm Smarthome package. I wish I had taken the money. It’s now 7 months later and we still don’t have our pac

      Future Broadband

      Internet Service ProvidersFuture Broadband · includes 10 listings

      5.0 from 35 reviews

      Latest review: It's taken a whole month to hook up the service but I understand it's delays from supplier's technician in addition to the delays from giving me the modem. I appreciate I am dealing with humans


      Internet Service ProvidersBordernet · includes 2 listings

      4.3 from 72 reviews

      Latest review: Like most of the reviews that are two years or older, we also thought Bordernet was great, with friendly, excellent customer service. Something's gone south with the company. Slow speeds, drop outs,


      Internet Service ProvidersGoodtel · includes 3 listings

      5.0 from 31 reviews

      Latest review: Fantastic, no nonsense service, easy to set up, well priced, excellent customer reaction times and great for society. You are mad if you don't choose Goodtel for mobile and


      Internet Service ProvidersLizzy · includes 7 listings

      4.6 from 45 reviews

      Latest review: It is a real pleasure to ring the Technical support team at Lizzy for their help. they are always prompt to answer or call back and help with any problems with ease. Thankyou Michael for helping me


      Internet Service ProvidersOccom · includes 6 listings

      4.3 from 76 reviews

      Latest review: very good customer service. Got my connection activated in one day. Devender was very helpful on the phone, very responsive and patient. He helped me setup LAN connections as well. Very good job

      More Telecom

      Internet Service ProvidersMore Telecom · includes 5 listings

      4.2 from 74 reviews

      Latest review: The team assisted us in finding the right solution for our business and we are extremely happy with the performance and also the pricing. Our speed testing has shown the system works even better than

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