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Latest review: This is more a review of the customer service than the actual product. Have had 2 contacts with Julie so far with Launtel and both have been fantastic. No reading from a script like most big telcos,

Aussie Broadband NBN 50 (Standard Plus)


Latest review: I've been dealing with Marisa for 2 months about my concession problem. She's always help me solve this problem til today then all fixed. I'm very impressed her service and care for customer. Of

Aussie Broadband NBN 100 (Family)

Internode NBN 50 (Gold)

Aussie Broadband NBN 25 (Standard, Seniors)

Mint Telecom ADSL

Harbour ISP Fibre
  • Contact Number: 1300 366 169
  • Email Address: operations@harbourisp.com.au

Click Energy

Latest review: Extremely helpful operators. They upgraded my service and saved me money on my future bills which was totally unexpected. I’m really happy with the service they provided and would recommend t

iiNet Fibre To The Home (FTTH)

iiNet NBN 50

iiNet NBN 12

Sumo Electricity

Latest review: I had an outstanding bill I realised I wouldn't be able to pay until next month then I'd be back to normal after that. Spoke to Robert could not have been more helpful in not only arranging the

iiNet Ultra Broadband



Latest review: Amazingly helpful person who helped me enormously. I called up to get help and they went out of their way to help me understand what had been installed and what I should

Australia On Line ADSL

Tangerine Telecom NBN 50 (XL Speed Boost)

Diamond Energy

Latest review: Admittedly I did not do my research prior but just got a bill for $424 for 4 months - one bedroom flat, no air con, lived there for 2 months, for sale for 2 months with Real Estate Agent turning


Latest review: No answer on their phones just asks to leave a message and currently need a new meter as my solar feed in is actuallly adding to my buy in

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