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Internet Service ProvidersFlip · includes 4 listings

3.0 from 401 reviews

Latest review: When we first came on board there were a few teething problems but the response time was excellent and the service personnel were very polite and very professional in handling the teething problem I

  • Transparency
    2.9 (200)
Tango Electricity

Energy ProvidersTango Electricity

3.3 from 74 reviews

Latest review: Tenant moved out. Paid final bill and for electricity to be disconnected. Final invoice & proof of payment provided. Electricity was disconnected. Tango Energy now sending demand letters for

  • Transparency
    2.8 (41)

Internet Service ProvidersSpirit · includes 3 listings

3.4 from 55 reviews

Latest review: I'm not sure what the negative reviews are on about... Spirit have been a godsend, especially during 2020 when we were are locked down in Melbourne. Downloads AND uploads were blazing fast. We were

  • Transparency
    2.8 (20)

Internet Service ProvidersMyRepublic · includes 7 listings

2.9 from 4,054 reviews

Latest review: Amida called me and had my NBN connection taken care of within 5mins of making the application. It was amazing service. 10/10 Thankyou so much Amida. Thank you My


Internet Service ProvidersCommSys

4.7 from 15 reviews

Latest review: We installed internet, phone system and cloud services. The whole process was very smooth and seamless, was kept up to date and all progressions. The support staff were second to none. Really did

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Best Internet & Mobile Phone Service Providers in 2020!

Internet and mobile phone service are necessities of modern life, so it's important we have the best coverage and service at the best price possible. Here are our Award Winners for the best Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Mobile Phone Service Providers (MPSPs) in 2020. View specific ratings such as Customer Service, Adequate Speeds for ISPs and Local Reception for MSPs.

Wendy Z.
Wendy Z.22 Nov 2019

Internet Service ProvidersVostroNet

3.4 from 58 reviews

Latest review: Is there 0 star? I don't think they worth 1 star, very inconstant wifi connection that cause my game to AFK. Always disconnect and very unstable in Unilodge Darwin, very poor


Internet Service ProvidersActiv8me · includes 9 listings

2.9 from 620 reviews

Latest review: As a customer of about 5 years and a night owl, I have experienced dropouts out-of-hours. I get it, Skymuster and Activ8me use off-peak time for maintenance as it interferes with less customers.

Arc Energy Group

Energy ProvidersArc Energy Group

3.2 from 77 reviews

Latest review: This is an embedded network where I rent which means I had no choice to chose another network. Had I only known this before I would not have rented at this lot. Firstly, they took about 3 months to


Internet Service ProvidersFuzeNet · includes 4 listings

2.8 from 723 reviews

Latest review: Speed is never what is stated, and constantly is dropping out. Especially during ‘off peak’ times when it typically should be faster. But their technical support is amazing, Akhur really helped me o

Darebin Gas

Energy Providers and Physical ShopsDarebin Gas

3.3 from 52 reviews

Latest review: I was pleased to have a new Aquamax gas storage hot water service installed on the day I rang. The 2 men who installed it were efficient in their replacement of the old service. I was told to wait an

Mojo Power

Energy ProvidersMojo Power

2.9 from 129 reviews

Latest review: I took the breakfast plan. Which is the cheaper rate if you have a smart meter. It took 2 months to install costing me more than if I had stayed with my original provider as a result of the delay.

Freedom Internet

Internet Service ProvidersFreedom Internet · includes 3 listings

2.8 from 368 reviews

Latest review: I only pay $54 per month and get over 50Mbps. Also, I had trouble initially signing up but Freedom’s customer service team was able to get me connected in seconds. I highly recommend!

Powershop Australia

Energy ProvidersPowershop Australia

2.7 from 428 reviews

Latest review: Customer service is non-existent. I had constant billing problems with them. Every month there were promises by call operators to fix the errors but nothing ever changed. They don't


Internet Service ProvidersGigafy

3.0 from 65 reviews

Latest review: Overall I am impressed with the internet speeds for streaming and downloading but as a warning to any gamers, I have had severe issues with my in game latency since using the Gigafy service. Gigafy

Switched On Australia

Internet Service ProvidersSwitched On Australia

3.7 from 24 reviews

Latest review: Finally a company who know the tech industry. We have multiple offices throughout Asia, USA & Australia with Switched On. They are an extremely tech savvy business who know their stuff! Their

Dodo Power & Gas

Energy ProvidersDodo Power & Gas

2.7 from 427 reviews

Latest review: Solar power been installed not long ago with no dropouts. Set up process was done in a reasonable time , can’t remember time frame for it but didn’t take long and has been reliable so far


Home Phone Service ProvidersSIPTalk

4.1 from 15 reviews

Latest review: Background - I was with TPG for a few years, on an NBN 50/20 plan with Voice bundle and I have to say that from the beginning the voice service was never a stand out performer. Recently it was barely

Inspired Broadband

Internet Service ProvidersInspired Broadband · includes 5 listings

2.9 from 65 reviews

Latest review: NBN finally became available for my business area 3 years ago. Straight away I had a sales person from Inspired show up. Keen to get onto the NBN I signed up. Biggest regret i have had in business so


Internet Service ProvidersVocus

3.0 from 36 reviews

Latest review: Our business needed an upgrade for our internet connection. I had contacted a fair few fiber providers. Vocus came to the price party and gave us premium Telstra 1000/1000 fiber for a really good


Internet Service ProvidersVodafone · includes 4 listings

2.5 from 337 reviews

Latest review: I called their tech support at least 6 if not 8 times and they had me on the phone for up to 1 hour adjusting settings with no improvement at all. I am going back to aussiebroadband that costs more

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