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Latest review: Terrible service. Every time service went out (every 2 months), had to wait 3-5 days for technician to come and fix the line. They offered no compensation for days of not having internet. Speeds

Future Broadband

Latest review: Fast connection, great support, perfect service. Doesn't get much better for NBN. Previous providers i have tried have had terrible service or gone bust. These guys have been super reliable.

Pacific Hydro

Latest review: Had the electricity connected over 12 months ago in a simple and easy transfer that was handled professionally. Their customer service is local and have found them pleasant and easy to deal

Tango Electricity

Latest review: Been with Pacific Hydro now Tango for over two years now and no problems. Really good simple rates, small increase at end of contract period and local call center. connecting solar was easy and


Infinity Telco

Prime Broadband

Latest review: Prime Broadband has the best customer service I was speaking to the customer service team this is the sort of service I like I recommend prime Broadband


Latest review: Been with Internode ever since we got broadband. Changed from ADSL to NBN yesterday. Internode tech support talked me through every step of the way and even though it took some time (and the use of

Flip TV
  • Contact Number: 1300 354 788
  • Email Address: enquiries@fliptv.com.au


Latest review: I have used Vostronet internet in my unit since moving in. Good speeds and connection bars. Connection is on wireless. Pricing is reasonable for the upgrade with the basic service included in my


Latest review: Firstly I picked this provider because they were so quick to get back to me when I was searching for a sky muster provider. It seems ones they get your money then everything stops. It was installed


Latest review: I recently moved into an apartment in Melbourne CBD and was looking for internet providers. Turned out Spirit - a non-NBN provider - offered cheaper prices with faster up/down speeds per month and


Latest review: This company is really bad we have had our internet cut off four times now even after paying our bill there late payment fees are massive up to 40% of the actual bill. There also fees if you ring up


Latest review: Opticomm had a hardware fail and it showing was on their site as an outage which subsequently took longer to rectify that was first stated. However the outage wasn't showing on the Activ8me web


Latest review: We installed internet, phone system and cloud services. The whole process was very smooth and seamless, was kept up to date and all progressions. The support staff were second to none. Really did


Latest review: I have had vivid for over a year now and can I say I am relatively happy with my results. I had to get vivid as NBN was rolling out and we live semi-rural so wasn't going to cop a nasty adsl

NuSkope Broadband Internet


Latest review: Online Support for the upgrade was exceptional. Michelle and Mhonabeth were awesome, super easy to deal with and very prompt with responses. First Class Tech Support. Would recommend to friends and

Mojo Power

Latest review: I took the word of the door to door sales guy, and decided to change. How hard can it be? My interaction with a retailer is simply 'pay the bill'. But with Mojo, shortly after signing up, the monthly

Freedom Internet

Latest review: Ultimately, Freedom Internet is a dodgy provider who kept telling us we were using 50-80GB of data between 11pm-5am causing our service to exceed its limit and to be instantly charged again. No

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