Allianz Insurance in Australian Capital Territory Canberra–Queanbeyan

9 listings
Allianz Home Insurance
Home and Contents Insurance

Allianz Home Insurance

2.4 from 333 reviews

Latest review: Policy comes up well for value on comparison I wanted to add motor-burnout, price quoted by call center staff was excessive and I was told that I would have to take out a new Policy and go through

  • Transparency
    3.0 (138)
  • Customer Service
    2.9 (157)
  • Value for Money
    2.9 (152)
Allianz Car Insurance
Car Insurance

Allianz Car Insurance

 · includes 4 listings
2.2 from 781 reviews

Latest review: I used it for 2 years when i was student. Very rude service from college representative at ECU in 2015/16. I claimed once and lots of paper work/ late response.Thereafter, I have never used it and

  • Transparency
    2.9 (266)
  • Customer Service
    2.8 (293)
  • Value for Money
    2.8 (291)
Allianz Landlord Insurance
Landlord Insurance

Allianz Landlord Insurance

2.2 from 29 reviews

Latest review: Bad exp during claim for our invest prop which had a plumbing accident, said “damage from the pipe is covered not the pipe itself” how stupid is that? Contacting Ombudsman on this. Go with the spe

  • Transparency
    2.3 (18)
  • Customer Service
    1.9 (19)
  • Value for Money
    2.2 (19)
Allianz Small Business Insurance
3.0 from 4 reviews

Latest review: My employer, a small business, took out worker's comp insurance with Allianz. On 11/02/21, I broke my wrist at work, which complicated a post-surgical recovery on my right wrist and left me unable to

Allianz Worldwide Care
Health Insurance

Allianz Worldwide Care

1.0 from 8 reviews

Latest review: Extremely dissatisfied with their service. I hold a policy that includes coverage for Periodontist work. Following work performed by a Periodontist and information submitted to clearly demonstrate

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Allianz Life Insurance
1.0 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Need to wait for a long time to claim every time. It took me lots of time to claim and always wait around one month to claim. Hard to cancel the policy, rang them a couple of times to cancel, and