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Coles Home & Contents Insurance

Home and Contents InsuranceColes Home & Contents Insurance

1.7 from 320 reviews

Latest review: Difficulty understanding Coles phone operator as very poor English. Not happy with service. Operating centre should be located in Australia with English speaking staff. Phone call took longer than

  • Transparency
    2.0 (58)
  • Customer Service
    1.8 (74)
  • Value for Money
    2.0 (73)
Coles Car Insurance

Car InsuranceColes Car Insurance · includes 3 listings

1.5 from 1,488 reviews

Latest review: I've just recently switched to Coles car insurance and also, unfortunately, had an accident. I found Coles Insurance, friendly prompt and kept me up to date on the progress of my repair. The repairer

  • Transparency
    1.7 (108)
  • Customer Service
    1.6 (131)
  • Value for Money
    1.7 (129)
AIA Australia

Life Insurance, Business Insurance and Income InsuranceAIA Australia · includes 6 listings

1.4 from 142 reviews

Latest review: I suffer the terrifying sensation that my mind is going to disappear or break. My heart races, I feel out of breath, I get extremely hot, a wave of muscles tightening, ripples from my stomach to my

  • Transparency
    1.5 (65)
  • Customer Service
    1.6 (69)
  • Value for Money
    1.6 (70)
Coles Landlord Insurance

Landlord InsuranceColes Landlord Insurance

1.5 from 17 reviews

Latest review: Lodged a claim after tenant damaged my property. I have an email from Coles Insurance after numerous calls, emails and me chasing that said they 'reviewed your claim *& all the docs on file & come up

  • Transparency
    1.3 (9)
  • Customer Service
    1.4 (10)
  • Value for Money
    1.3 (10)