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TID Travel Insurance Direct

    Travel InsuranceTID Travel Insurance Direct · includes 4 listings

    4.2 from 2,551 reviews

    Latest review: Great value policy which included medi vac coverage which was the main reason I took out this insurance for my 6 nights in Tasmania including a 4 day hike. And very easy on line purchase process.

    • Transparency
      3.0 (78)
    • Customer Service
      2.7 (87)
    • Value for Money
      2.9 (87)
    Life Insurance Direct
    • Award Winner 2021

    Life InsuranceLife Insurance Direct

    4.7 from 71 reviews

    Latest review: Adam was very thorough, courteous and helpful. We felt the policy was priced very competitively, The gathering of information and going through the policy terms etc. took quite some time but

    • Transparency
      4.6 (51)
    • Customer Service
      4.7 (55)
    • Value for Money
      4.5 (50)
    Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance
    • Award Winner 2021
    • 2020

    Pet InsuranceBow Wow Meow Pet Insurance · includes 3 listings

    4.2 from 2,205 reviews

    Latest review: We've been with Bow Wow Meow since 2015 and 2016 for our two dogs. The premiums have been going up significantly and we've never made a claim. For the last few months we have been to and from more

    • Transparency
      4.3 (506)
    • Customer Service
      4.4 (572)
    • Value for Money
      4.2 (577)
    BizCover Business Insurance
    • Award Winner 2021
    • 2020

    Business InsuranceBizCover Business Insurance

    4.3 from 325 reviews

    Latest review: Value for money, easy to set up and purchase online, almost immediate coverage, giving us that peace of mind in operating our small catering business. We would recommend BizCover to our small

    RSPCA Pet Insurance

    Pet InsuranceRSPCA Pet Insurance · includes 4 listings

    4.1 from 4,421 reviews

    Latest review: Have been checking out pet insurance since our last cover lapsed, due to change of companies. RSPCA site was very easy to navigate and to compare covers. Also compared their inclusions/exclusions to

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    Frank Health Insurance

    Health InsuranceFrank Health Insurance

    4.2 from 512 reviews

    Latest review: It's no frills, and would be good if there was a bit more flexibility in how much you can claim in your extras, but it's still heads and shoulders over the other big insurance companies. The online

    Pet Insurance Australia
    • Award Winner 2021

    Pet InsurancePet Insurance Australia · includes 3 listings

    4.1 from 1,515 reviews

    With over 40,000 people signed up with Pet Insurance Australia, it’s clear that the insurer’s outstanding customer service, transparency, and value for money have hit a chord with reviewers.

    Real Life Insurance

    Life InsuranceReal Life Insurance

    4.2 from 783 reviews

    Latest review: I feel like my policy is good value, I feel if I have a query or a problem real is easy to contact, and always have a really good staff member that can help me. Also if my payments don’t go out by s

    Youi Car Insurance

      Car InsuranceYoui Car Insurance · includes 3 listings

      4.1 from 6,729 reviews

      Youi Car Insurance has produced many-a-happy customer, with Youi being an 2019 Award Winner in the Awards.

      Allianz Care

      Health InsuranceAllianz Care · includes 2 listings

      4.1 from 1,591 reviews

      Latest review: I was admitted to the hospital due to emergency and the insurance wasn’t cover me during my admission. Now I discharged from hospital my payment with the hospital is still pending. It have been 3 w

      GMHBA Health Insurance

      Health InsuranceGMHBA Health Insurance

      4.2 from 315 reviews

      Latest review: I have been with GMHBA a long time. Great service and reasonably priced. However after heart surgery I received Pathology Bills close to $2,000 from Capital Pathology ( I am a ACT resident) ...GMHBA

      Allianz Travel Insurance

      Travel InsuranceAllianz Travel Insurance · includes 4 listings

      4.1 from 2,944 reviews

      Latest review: had a trip booked for March 2020, flights and tour was cancelled which was ok as we got credits from both providers and we thought we will book later on. We were informed that the tour provider had


      Pet InsurancePetSecure · includes 2 listings

      4.1 from 437 reviews

      Latest review: I constantly have my dog at the vet and PetSecure is a godsend! It gives me peace of mind that a % of my vet bills are covered by pet insurance. They are extremely quick to pay! I highly recommend

      Youi Home and Contents

      Home and Contents InsuranceYoui Home and Contents

      4.0 from 1,232 reviews

      Latest review: After getting online quotes from a range of different providers I decided to get a quote from Youi after seeing that they were highly rated on What a total waste of time. The

      Youi Caravan and Trailer Insurance

      InsuranceYoui Caravan and Trailer Insurance

      4.6 from 62 reviews

      Latest review: everything was explained in the easiest way. The rep was great and it was a pleasure to do business with them. No hard sell just easy to talk to and really great customer service. I will be

      Travel With Jane

      Travel InsuranceTravel With Jane · includes 4 listings

      4.5 from 79 reviews

      Latest review: Yes, the policy is good I have used Jane Insurance previously and found no issues I have never claimed for anything and if all goes well will use this service again. So please do the right thing by

      Columbus Direct

      Travel InsuranceColumbus Direct · includes 6 listings

      4.1 from 177 reviews

      Latest review: We were scheduled for a holiday in early March of 2020 and was booked in 2019 when Coronavirus wasn’t an issue. Since our holiday was booked way before the pandemic our insurance was still valid for o

      InsureandGo Australia

      Travel InsuranceInsureandGo Australia · includes 12 listings

      3.9 from 4,819 reviews

      Latest review: The first and only time I will get insurance here. I got the top of the line policy, the policy said, covers $7500 excess on rental vehicle, however the only vehicle that was covered is a sedan, I

      Petsy Pet Insurance

      Pet InsurancePetsy Pet Insurance · includes 9 listings

      5.0 from 34 reviews

      Latest review: Signup online easy and simple. Online login to claim is simple as well. Love that they know my pet and some of the specifics about the caboodle and work with my vet to makes things easier than what

      Guide Dogs Pet Insurance

      Pet InsuranceGuide Dogs Pet Insurance · includes 3 listings

      4.0 from 338 reviews

      Latest review: I have been declined twice. Once having to go and get further details from vet when it was nothing to do with what you declined me on was again ridiculous.( After another letter from my vet, you

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