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    Travel InsuranceRentalCover.com

    3.7 from 100 reviews

    Latest review: The reason i'm not giving 5 stars is because it is extremely difficult to get in touch with their customer services. I had to make a claim the first time I purchased this cover and obviously never

    • Transparency
      3.3 (53)
    • Customer Service
      3.2 (59)
    • Value for Money
      3.3 (58)
    Budget Direct Travel Insurance

    Travel InsuranceBudget Direct Travel Insurance · includes 5 listings

    3.4 from 468 reviews

    Latest review: It's was easy to purchase and a good price and gave peace of mind for the trip... Until something went wrong and I had to claim. It's been over 1 year and they still haven't paid me for my claim. My

    • Transparency
      2.7 (165)
    • Customer Service
      2.8 (180)
    • Value for Money
      3.1 (197)
    RACV Travel Insurance

    Travel InsuranceRACV Travel Insurance · includes 5 listings

    3.4 from 354 reviews

    Latest review: Yes, our policy was of good value and ease of processing the policy was great. Unfortunately because of Covid we were unable to use our policy and so we cancelled the policy because travelling was so

    • Transparency
      3.3 (120)
    • Customer Service
      3.6 (150)
    • Value for Money
      3.5 (153)
    Bupa Pet Insurance

    Pet InsuranceBupa Pet Insurance · includes 3 listings

    3.6 from 127 reviews

    Latest review: Dont go with Bupa Pet Insurance. My cat was previously insured with other Insurance company and no issues with any claims in the past. Since I changed to Bupa they had rejected my claims which I paid

    Travel with Kit

    Travel InsuranceTravel with Kit · includes 4 listings

    4.4 from 27 reviews

    Latest review: When travel dates changed I was able to adjust the policy dates with no hassles. The conclusion I have is that the policy was very flexible. I believe that a good company should offer flexible

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    Real Car Insurance

    Car InsuranceReal Car Insurance · includes 3 listings

    3.3 from 515 reviews

    Latest review: the policy was very good value and very easy to set up the most important thing was the lady who helped me to go through it after I did it on line , this is the first time Im with this insurance


    Travel InsuranceSureSave · includes 4 listings

    3.4 from 165 reviews

    Latest review: We paid over $500 for comprehensive insurance a couple of years ago before our trip in Feb 2021. We booked a cruise from Perth to Sydney and the Indian pacific from Sydney to Perth. When the cruise

    Peoplecare Health Insurance

    Health InsurancePeoplecare Health Insurance

    3.7 from 68 reviews

    Latest review: I've been with Peoplecare for a few years now. They are one of the best companies that I have ever dealt with. Their rates are exceptionally good, Aussie call centre with very helpful staff, payments

    Seniors Term Life Insurance
    • Award Winner 2021

    Life InsuranceSeniors Term Life Insurance

    4.7 from 20 reviews

    Latest review: At weekend I requested quote for Life Insurance from Australian Seniors and expected a call the following Monday: and was not disappointed. The customer service lady identified herself clearly (my

    HCF Health Insurance

    Health InsuranceHCF Health Insurance

    3.1 from 533 reviews

    Latest review: I was with HCF Overseas Visitor Cover for 2 years. I made multiple claims during that time and for the majority of the claims, I had to chase up the customer support team to get the correct amount

    Medibank Travel Insurance

    Travel InsuranceMedibank Travel Insurance · includes 5 listings

    3.2 from 201 reviews

    Latest review: Good value domestic policy, easy to set up, taken out at time of booking a Kimberley Adventure Tour. Normally use Southern Cross, but we are Medibank Health customers, so actually made sense to

    Australia Post Travel Insurance

    Travel InsuranceAustralia Post Travel Insurance · includes 6 listings

    3.2 from 135 reviews

    Latest review: I had 2 policies with Australia Post for 2 Domestic cruises in 2020. Both cruises were, of course, cancelled. I made no claim and was offered either a credit or full refund of the amounts paid. I

    Eric Insurance

    Motorcycle Insurance and Car InsuranceEric Insurance · includes 4 listings

    3.3 from 95 reviews

    Latest review: I have an extended warranty on my Ford Ranger. Only have had to use it once when an EGR Valve needed replacing. That was$850repair Paid before I picked up the car from the Ford dealer. Recently I

    CGU Business Insurance

    Business InsuranceCGU Business Insurance

    4.6 from 18 reviews

    Latest review: I took out insurance with this company despite having enormous problems because their online system was not working properly. Having done that, I am now getting constant spam i.e. three emails on


    Health Insurancehealth.com.au

    3.3 from 104 reviews

    Latest review: As premiums rise the caps fall. I joined these guys 6 year ago on the 70 off extras, then premiums went up and cap went down to 65. Now if I go to use any of my extras, the caps are set at greedy


    Pet InsurancePetinsurance.com.au · includes 7 listings

    3.8 from 31 reviews

    Latest review: I looked around for pet insurance that would cover accident and illness without all the unnecessary frills; really to cover for those unexpected large costs that may happen. We were hit with almost a

    Good2Go Travel Insurance

    Travel InsuranceGood2Go Travel Insurance · includes 4 listings

    3.5 from 51 reviews

    Latest review: Two reasons not to go with Good2G0 Travel Insurance /AIG: 1. Appalling Customer Service 2. Failure to payout on claims Customer Service: My Insurance claim was initially lodged with AIG on 8th

    Real Income Insurance

    Income InsuranceReal Income Insurance

    3.2 from 93 reviews

    Latest review: Amazing customer service from the man who rand and helped me! Great customer service skills and knowledge. Very friendly! Great price. One of the only companies to insure those who work from home!


    Pet InsurancePetplan · includes 7 listings

    2.9 from 1,141 reviews

    Latest review: We do not recommend PetPlan. We did a lot of research before choosing a pet insurance provider. It 'appeared' to us that PetPlan was a good option for our small dog, but we obviously made the wrong

    Travel Insuranz

    Travel InsuranceTravel Insuranz · includes 6 listings

    3.2 from 69 reviews

    Latest review: 2020 year of doom for most of us as we some lost jobs. Boarders closed and Covid affected the majority of us. Refunds were offered back to us as we couldn’t travel on our insurance dates due to b

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