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Navy Health

Latest review: Having had the initial discussions on joining Navy health with their support staff via phone, once I joined the very small detail starts to emerge especially on the extras, e.g. despite coming from a

Health Partners

Latest review: Today i have had a tooth extracted. Quite a loss, not pleasant, traumatic. It was done very well by the dentist,however, imagine my surprise, claim was denied. This is a second time in a row. Health


Latest review: Both my cat and puppy are insured by Prosure. Unfortunately both had claims, first puppy injured his paw last year, claim was rejected as pre existing. Then late last year cat got in a fight with

Life Insurance Direct

Latest review: Puja Chavan handled my unusual claim from A to Z in a most professional manner, her communications by phone or email were always polite and germane. The claim was 100% successful and the payout was

SGIO Car Insurance

Latest review: I have been with Sgio for the last 3 years and have my both cars insured with them. We had an accident in Jan 2019. Lodged the claim online. SGIO promptly called me back next day to organize a tow


Latest review: We moved from our previous provider about 4 months ago and so far our experience has been exceptional. We are a family of 5 with 3 young children, all in good health. This means we use our cover

NAB Travel Insurance

Latest review: I was unfortunate enough to have had to use the insurance claim once for an illness on holiday in Thailand. I called the toll free number, and they told me to charge everything to my card then submit

SGIC Car Insurance

Latest review: Got rear ended in a parking lot after I had finished reversing and already in drive gear to move forward. While I was changing gears I was stationary and got rearended by the SGIC client. This

Woolworths Pet Insurance

Latest review: Get claims refused and they are covered get lied to customer service doesnt know what they are doing Justify ripping me off Tell supervisor i was ripped off by woolworths and they do

Medibank Travel Insurance

Latest review: Straightforward visit to Dr in USA for antibiotics and steroids following a bad cold - making us jump through hoops and trying to find any way to avoid reimbursing. Never


Latest review: Tigerair cancelled our flight and offered next flight in 22hrs. We had to buy return tickets from Melbourne to Brisbane. Tigerair refunded flight money but we ended up with $300 out of pocket.

Suncorp Motor Insurance

Latest review: Our car was a write off due to another driver crossing the centre line and slamming into our car. The payout figure was paid within 10 days which was excellent. However 2 points I was not aware of


Latest review: I have had my dog insured since the day she was born- The breeder had her insured and we then insured her. My dog had BAD allergies- allergic to Chicken (which is in ALL dog food) Sorghum (again- in

Real Pet Insurance

Latest review: Wonderful service, claims are so easy Staff are helpful and knowledgeable Always paid 80%of any claim I have made The portal means I can access my account easy and makes claims myself online No

St. Lukes Health

Latest review: No Im not happy with this. Definately has double standards. U think.u could trust a company like this but theres another side you definately cannot trust. Im pulling away from all this very

Cover My Trip

Latest review: Didn't use the customer support. Brought the policy online. Reasonably easy to set up but found the process a bit repetitive. Not bad value for money. Would probably seek a quote for my next

Just Car Insurance

Latest review: We are extremely disappointed that Just Cars Insurance will not longer be insuring vehicles after Feb 2017. Our current policy is still valid for another 7 months which they are honouring, however,

RACQ Car Insurance

Latest review: RACQ do not issue refunds on prepaid insurances or prepaid roadside assistance. If you happen to sell a car and take out new insurance and cancel the old one, they will not issue you a refund on the

Youi Landlord Insurance

Latest review: After the first 12 months and upon renewal my insurance policy it went up by $486.00 annually (approximately 23% increase). Hence I cancelled on the spot without any hesitation, went elsewhere and


Latest review: The claim process takes approximately 1 month and not like they say, always delays, they keep asking further details via letter so weeks of delay +5 days for money to transfer even if nowday exist

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