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Woolworths Home and Contents Insurance

Latest review: I have a water leak under the bathroom floor. I’ve called customer service over the weekend, they have told me to go ahead and get it fixed and put in the claim once I have paid the repair bills. T

Real Income Insurance

Latest review: The agent was very helpful, patient and provided all the available options. Covered rates and coverage, professional over the phone demure. Made the process easy and understandable. Made a decision

RAA Home and Contents

Latest review: I had a broken ipad pro 10.5 that I made a claim for on our accidental damage. RAA were fast and efficient. I was more than pleased with their service. They did ask for proof of the ipad specs which

Qantas Assure Health Insurance

Latest review: Policy value doesn't cover much but I was aware of this but shocking customer service and they will make claiming so hard despite their own mistake of not covering me whilst confirming their will be

Insuranceline Funeral Insurance

Latest review: I was a member for 7 years and changed my policy to a no increase premium.So it does not go up each year.BUT they started me a new policy and I lost all of the money I had put into the previous

RACV Car Insurance

Latest review: Never try to call RACV settlements team, you are going to wait on line forever. And when you try to talk about customer service with them, the answer is “ unfortunately there’s no other solution, you

APIA Car Insurance

Latest review: I have just filled in a survey from another financial institution offering insurance, asking if I were in charge, what would I do to make their insurance products attractive. Below is what I

RACQ Pet Insurance

Latest review: Stay away from RAC pet insurance. They do not pay out large claims. They will claim it is a pre existing illness even though my dog has no vet record of pre-existing illness or injury I even got my

Swann Insurance

Latest review: When I was submitting a claim for my stolen motorcycle, I was shocked to see that the Agreed Value on my policy had dropped $2000 upon the first 12 month renewal, despite my premiums not changing.

AAMI Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: We have been insured with AAMI and recently experienced a burst pipe. AAMI were really wonderful in arranging all repairs and keeping in touch and even paying out for electricity used by fans which

GIO Home and Contents

Latest review: My parents made a claim for hail damage in December as of 9/4/19 gio contractors have completed no progress the 500 dollars access has been paid the start and completion date has long past many phone

NRMA Car Insurance

Latest review: Comprehensive Car Insurance Review: I am very dissatisfied with my insurance claim following the hail storms of 2018, given I pay top premiums and have been a loyal customer for many years I had

Progressive Car Insurance

Latest review: Slow response, didn’t want to offer any help being a not at fault claim they were always passing the buck to the someone else, another department or the other i

Teachers Health Fund

Latest review: I have been a continual member of a private health fund since 1977. I recently switched to THF and was appalled at lack of service and embarrassed when standing at a medical practitioner's counter

APIA Home Insurance

Latest review: Over ten years we have had home, contents, car and funeral insurance. Wife falls over while vacuming and into the tv. Nope not covered so sorry, find out we arent even covered for theft. Obviously

1300 Insurance Pet Protect

Latest review: I have been with 1300 insurance for a number of years & have make as many claims with no

RT Health

Latest review: After 10yrs of being with Rt health..and paying thousands of dollars..I went down from top tear to one level down..they couldnt even pay for the wire on my denture to be fixed?? I should have changed

RACV Home & Contents

Latest review: Neighbour rolled car into my fence. Her insurer RACV. I called RACVwith the claim number and was put through to a third-party service centre (they do not even deal with claim internally!!). E-mails

Real Home & Contents Insurance

Latest review: We have had an ongoing battle since December last year to have a contents claim resolved after the storms. Its now coming into June and after many emails, phone calls we are still waiting. Claims

RACQ Home Insurance

Latest review: My mother recently lost nearly everything she owned in the Townsville floods. My sister phoned RACQ, my mother's insurer, as soon as we knew that water had inundated my mother's unit to lodge a

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