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Tefal TurboPro FV5648

Latest review: The ease of use of this iron was a leading factor in purchasing this product. Fill it up with water and let iron glide away on any fabric and material without the worry of burn

Tefal TurboPro FV5605

Latest review: Picked up at a good guys sale - the previous ALDI iron had been dropped and was leaking as well as some superficial damage - hence looking for a replacement. First impressions - solid without being

Tefal Smart Protect FV4970

Latest review: I can't believe that this Iron does actually set itself to the right temperature. No sticking , irons crinkles out easily.Not too heavy. It does every thing it is said to do.Would reccomend it to

Tefal Aquaspeed Power Zone FV5355Z0

Latest review: This product work very well , the iron Tefal heats up very quickly, this product is very gentle with my clothes , particularly with my delicates clothes . I'm really satisfied with its steaming

Tefal Free Move Cordless

Latest review: I bought the iron, thinking it was a great idea, at Peters of Kensington. No staff were around to discuss the features of the iron. At home, I discovered there was little material to explain the

Tefal Ultraglide FV4042

Latest review: This b l o o d y iron. I payed top price for this iron. All it’s done is spit crap out of the iron face and stain/damage favourite clothes since the day I bought it. I’m so fed up with it. Des

Tefal Pro Express Total Control GV8962

Latest review: Great iron... Initially took bit of getting used to limited settings, but this iron is great for ironing everything. It creates great steam and irons collars and cuffs as if they have been

Tefal Effectis Easy GV6770

Latest review: Could not even get this product to heat up the iron. Just bought from TVSN. Disgusted. Not as shown on TV and am surprised at the quality? of the product. Hoping for a

Tefal Aquaspeed Autoclean FV5375Z0

Latest review: Couldn't agree with "Unhappy Shopper" more as to how you can tell when then water container is full ! I keep holding the iron up to the light, changing my reading glasses but still can't tell when

Tefal Aquaspeed Power Zone FV5335Z0

Latest review: Bought this item around 6 years ago. The only issue I noticed is that it loses its power with time. Still functional and does take a while to iron the shirts. But as technology evolves there are

Tefal GV9060

Latest review: I have had a Tefal Steam Generator for 5 years running straight, day in day out without any problems nor any mechanical or technical complaints. Unfortunately, 16 days ago it fell and cracked at the

Tefal GV7556

Latest review: This is my first steam generator iron, having recently upgraded from a standard iron ... and WOW! I don't know why I waited so long to purchase one. The iron takes a few minutes to heat up to

Tefal Pro Express GV9080

Latest review: I used this steam station and I was very impressed with the way it ironed all my partners business shirts,pants,my work clothes no matter what materials they were made of.The iron has a flat base not

Tefal FV9715

Latest review: This purchase was to replace an old iron. The price and quality were a major consideration. The nonstick plate for easy glide is perfect. The temperature control works well and I love both the steam

Tefal Actis GV6350

Latest review: Iron comes to temp quickly and has a long iron cord. In my opinion steam could be more constant for a Steam generator unit.The buttons are a little confusing until you get the hang of them having an

Tefal Aquaspeed Steam Iron FV5325Z0

Latest review: this iron is powerful but a bit heavy so if you don't have strong hands don't try to try it because it is a bit heavy however it is really good and i had it for a while and recommended to friends and

Tefal Ultimate Anti Calc FV9740

Latest review: Tefal have created a nice and sturdy based iron, so can flip it up and be confident that it won't fall over, down side? You have to fill it up blind, as there is no indication 2hen it's full, other

Tefal UltraGliss FV4921

Latest review: Purchased and returned within 24 hours. Cord is so short, which meant that when using a low power outlet, it was constantly getting snagged and caught in the clothes. Is advertised was ‘no drip’, but

Tefal Steam Duet 2 in 1 NI5020

Latest review: After moving from a more traditional iron I am extremely happy to use this. Gets the job done very quickly and so much more convenient. Only issue is that it can still take awhile (not as long as

Tefal Pro Express Total Auto Control

Latest review: gv8963 MODEL - Does all fabrics with ease - setting are not complicated. The amount of steam this thing pump outs is incredible - you only have to iron 1 side of a shirt - other side does itself

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