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Sunbeam Pro Steam

Latest review: This iron works well and i love how it has a auto off function. It works well on all the different frabic, it is also very easy to handle. Overall, I am satisfied with this

Homemaker Steam Iron KB-166A2

Latest review: Cheap quality iron. Have to add water and use steam to get a good iron for my clothes. It did burn one of my clothes when I left the temp a bit high. Doesn't require much cleaning. Overall just

Sunbeam Verve Platinum

Latest review: Initially it looked good, but then slowly within a few months, it started leaking, burning clothes etc. on high heat. If on low heat, it doesn't iron at all. Even after ironing for 15 minutes it just

Sunbeam Verve 68 Resilium

Latest review: It started blowing my power every time I used it after two and a half years. An electrician identified the problem. Disappointed as it cost me quite a bit. . Warranty expired after two years I will

Sunbeam Verve 66 Stainless

Latest review: I'm really happy with this iron. It is gentle with my cloths, leaves no burn marks and can be used on a variety of fabrics. I find that the steam function works really effectively. I also feel that

Sunbeam Sprint SR6300

Latest review: This is the worst iron I have ever owned. It doesn't glide. It doesn't get hot enough. It catches on all fabrics and it is truly hard work to iron all materials but especially linens. Besides which

Sunbeam Solus PerfectTemp SR7001

Latest review: I purchased this iron and let me tell u I used to hate ironing. It was the worst chore and I could absolutley not iron at all. I was terrible at it. This iron from heaven changed everything. It

Sunbeam VSR400

Latest review: Feels great to iron with. Fast heat up and perfect steam distribution. The only slight problem is that it causes creases at first when you are not used to the back glide. The little holes on the edge

Sunbeam Alpha SR6350

Latest review: It was a great iron to start with. We liked the long cord after our initial purchase of another brand resulted in the core being to short. Not even 12 months old, went to iron my shirts and the

Sunbeam Verve Max Glide SR6851

Latest review: The dial control spins to lower heat continually while in use, the steam is great for about 3 minutes and then peters out, even though there is plenty of water left still. It does not seem to get

Sunbeam Aeroglide Rapid SR6370

Latest review: I have just used this iron once and found it very difficult to iron out creases even when setting is on linen.Water seems to go cold whilst in use thus making it hard to iron on cotton setting.It

Sunbeam Prosteam SR4315

Sunbeam Verve Extreme Steam SR6856B

Sunbeam Aerostream SR6400