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Optimum 600

Latest review: Not able to process celery leaves or thin stalks. Found the pulp builds up between the outside wall and strainer. Within a few days of using it, the motor was smelling hot, then completely stopped

Optimum 400

Latest review: I use this juicer on daily basis for nearly 5 years now, only for juicing vegetables. I make about three glasses a day from carrots, greens, beetroot, cucumber etc. Whilst I am satisfied with the

Optimum 500

Latest review: Love this machine, fresh juice every day. Morning or night because its super quiet Easy to clean with just a simple rinse My body is rejuvenated and skin looks amazing Plus all the scraps that

Optimum H3000

Latest review: It's an OK juicer. Doesn't move very quickly, just the same as any other masticating device, so it does take a longer time to squeeze up a litre or more. The juice it produces is of a high quality.

Biochef Atlas Pro Whole Slow

Latest review: I’m enjoying drinking juice like never before. It is easy to clean and maintain unlike other juicers which needs attention to some of it’s parts to clean thoroughly. Because it being easy to wash, enc

BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press

Latest review: The juicing mechanism is excellent, and delivers the same excellent, nutritious juice like the larger versions of this juicer. Everything works well, except for one detail: The assembly should have

Biochef Axis

Latest review: The juicer struggles juicing cucumbers and wheatgrass, the pulp stuck inside and needs to be removed manually. Does not juice the vegetables well and the pulp comes out wet. It is juicing selery

Biochef Synergy

Latest review: I use my Biochef Synergy Slow Juicer everyday. Works well and am quite happy with it except I'm unable to buy replacement parts. The plastic on the fine mesh filter has broken and I'm unable to

BioChef Atlas Slow

Latest review: My machine has been working juicing 2 ltr mostly vegetable with some fruit thrown in every third day for 9 months Great juice and by product is great for fritters with caned fish or mixing in stir