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Bellini BTK615

Electric KettlesBellini BTK615

2.7 from 54 reviews

Latest review: Bought it from Target 22/09/2015, I am using it now for 5 years too many times daily (and my niece for 4 years) without any problem. It comes with variable temperature settings and modes. When

Price (RRP) A$49.00

  • Capacity1.7 L
Breville Smart Kettle BKE825

Electric KettlesBreville Smart Kettle BKE825 · includes 8 listings

2.3 from 142 reviews

Latest review: We are very happy with this kettle as we purchased it in 2010 and it served us 10 years with no issues. Buttons started playing up last year and only now 26 Dec 2020 we are replacing it as the screw

Price (RRP) A$179.95 to A$189.95

Price fromA$158.00Billy Guyatts

  • Capacity1.7 L
KitchenAid Artisan KEK1722

Electric KettlesKitchenAid Artisan KEK1722 · includes 7 listings

2.3 from 108 reviews

Latest review: After using it for just one year, the temperature sensor was out of order. Then the water is boiling at a displayed 84 degree. Since it is 84 degree not 100, the kettle won't stop it unless we take

Price (RRP) A$159.00 to A$239.00

Price fromA$149.00Kogan

  • Capacity1.7 L
Kmart Anko 1.7L Kettle

Electric KettlesKmart Anko 1.7L Kettle

3.5 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Boiling and pouring were fine and water level was easy to seee. But my big issue was it didn't last. It's my 2nd anko kettle in 4 months. Won't be buying

Price (RRP) A$39.00

  • Capacity1.7 L
Russell Hobbs Lunar RHK62

Electric KettlesRussell Hobbs Lunar RHK62 · includes 4 listings

3.5 from 11 reviews

Latest review: It was a great kettle but started falling apart 1 month after warranty stopped...2 years. Thought I would have longer life span than this. The product worked fast and no issues with operation but

Price (RRP) A$99.95


  • Capacity1.7 L
Kenwood kMix ZJX740

Electric KettlesKenwood kMix ZJX740 · includes 4 listings

3.5 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Four mths out of warranty and kettle leaking all over, has been disappointingly noisy from the start and although I believed Kenwood was a good make this has been the worst kettle I've purchased.

Price (RRP) A$139.00

  • Capacity1.7 L
Sunbeam Cafe Series Kettle

Electric KettlesSunbeam Cafe Series Kettle · includes 2 listings

2.0 from 155 reviews

Latest review: Looks great, and complements the other Sunbeam Cafe Series white goods I have in my home, however... The original unit which I purchased in 2018 started acting strangely whilst boiling water, then

Price (RRP) A$159.00

Price fromA$125.00Kogan

  • Capacity1.7 L
Breville the Soft Top Dual BKE425

Electric KettlesBreville the Soft Top Dual BKE425

3.2 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Have had it for over 3 years without any issues. Is not the best looking but very simple, reliable and worth the money spent. Physically quite sturdy as well so defintely long

  • Capacity1.7 L
DeLonghi Distinta Kettle

Electric KettlesDeLonghi Distinta Kettle · includes 14 listings

2.7 from 18 reviews

Latest review: Kettle is aesthetically pleasing but it ends there. Sounds like a train when boiling water. The sleek design would style any kitchen but don't buy if you're in the market for something

Price (RRP) A$158.99 to A$189.00

Price fromA$129.00The Good Guys

  • Capacity1.7 L
Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Kettle RHK92BLK

KettlesRussell Hobbs Brooklyn Kettle RHK92BLK

3.3 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Amazing how quiet this kettle is. I can still hear a conversation while the kettle is on. I particularly love the pouring spout, it is very accurate & doesn't splash

Price (RRP) A$99.00

Price fromA$79.00Kogan

  • Capacity1.7 L
Russell Hobbs RHK4

Electric KettlesRussell Hobbs RHK4 · includes 2 listings

2.3 from 32 reviews

Latest review: Kettle feels good in hand and I like its low slung weight. Pleasing to the eye on the bench and went the distance (12 years of multiple daily uses). I actually appreciate how hot the outside gets

Price (RRP) A$59.95

Price fromA$42.00Kogan

  • Capacity1.8 L
Essteele 1.9L

Stovetop KettlesEssteele 1.9L · includes 2 listings

2.6 from 20 reviews

Latest review: Seems fine, heats water, handle does not get hot as others have reported. Maybe they are using gas stoves, which can easily heat the sides of things? I am using an electric stove which only heats the

Sunbeam Quantum KE3560

Electric KettlesSunbeam Quantum KE3560

2.4 from 25 reviews

Latest review: Had the same kettle for 18 yrs before it died. This one performs exactly the same, very reliable, glad I re purchased ,the quality of build has not changed,I highly reccomend

Price (RRP) A$39.95

Price fromA$32.00Billy Guyatts

  • Capacity1.7 L
KitchenAid Artisan KEK1222

Electric KettlesKitchenAid Artisan KEK1222 · includes 3 listings

3.1 from 12 reviews

Latest review: I would have loved this kettle except for one problem. From day 1 it has had a plasticy smell and taste in the water. I thought after a year it would have cleared up. But no. It is still the same

Price (RRP) A$189.00

Price fromA$119.00Kogan

  • Capacity1.25 L
Cuisinart PerfecTemp Tea

Stovetop KettlesCuisinart PerfecTemp Tea · includes 6 listings

2.7 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Purchased kettle Oct 2016 thinking it looked good quality and like idea of temperature and enamel. Sadly replace lid after 6 months, now find bottom of inside has rusted out. 3 yrs for $110 stove top

Breville the Soft Top Pure BKE700

Electric KettlesBreville the Soft Top Pure BKE700

3.1 from 11 reviews

Latest review: This kettle roars. It is so loud that you cannot have a phone conversation or hear the radio while it is heating. The glass top is cracked too. I am looking for a replacement right now. This is my

Price (RRP) A$139.95

Price fromA$99.00Bing Lee

  • Capacity1.7 L
ALDI Digital Glass Kettle

Electric KettlesALDI Digital Glass Kettle · includes 2 listings

2.8 from 14 reviews

Latest review: Bought the temperature control glass kettle from Aldi, without high expectations back in 2016. It has been working without fail this entire time! What I love about it is the fact that you can

Price (RRP) A$59.99

  • Capacity1.6 L to 1.7 L
Smeg 50's Retro Style Aesthetic KLF04

Electric KettlesSmeg 50's Retro Style Aesthetic KLF04 · includes 8 listings

2.8 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Have had this for 3 months now.. similarly to other reviews I have had issues with the seal on the lid where steam jets out to the handle (extremely dangerous to those unaware of this). The lid

Price (RRP) A$259.00

Price fromA$219.00The Good Guys

  • Capacity1.7 L
Contempo 1.7 Litre Cordless Illuminated

Electric KettlesContempo 1.7 Litre Cordless Illuminated

2.3 from 20 reviews

Latest review: Undrinkable unless you like eating plastic ,taste like chemicals ,Looks good , thats about all but ruins a good cuppa Coffee ,had to end up using microwave to boil my water ,but Big W refunded no

Price (RRP) A$15.00

  • Capacity1.7 L
Sunbeam Maestro Quiet Shield KE6451

Electric KettlesSunbeam Maestro Quiet Shield KE6451 · includes 2 listings

2.0 from 33 reviews

Latest review: Im so disappointed with this QUIET kettle. Basically there are three problems: 1. Its a very noisy kettle 2. You cannot see water level, measuring window is too dark and narrow. If you try to look

Price (RRP) A$99.95

Price fromA$69.00Kogan

  • Capacity1.7 L
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