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Yaxell Zen Knife
5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I have been a Chef for the past 15 years, and have quite a collection of knives. The Yaxell Chefs knife has quickly become a favourite of mine. It's a great size, and good weight for the long hours

Shun Premier
5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I have been cooking in my kitchen for 30 years and if there is only one piece of advice I was allowed to give it would be this: right from the start, save up and buy a Shun cooks knife. Why, because

Victorinox 9pc Knife Block Set

Latest review: This review refers to the 'regular' Victorinox kitchen knives. (Serrated edge, black plastic moulded handle.) These are very sharp and very practical. They have become the 'go to' knife in the

Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Ikon Knife Block

Latest review: I'm a keen home cook and typically make meals requiring lots of prep so knife work figures in everything I do. With the new kitchen I thought it high time that we invested in a set of knives which

Miyabi Birchwood SG2 5000MCD

Latest review: An awesome knife I don’t know how I used to work without it. Looks awesome and stays sharp for a long time. Recommended to everyone who cooks at home or c

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional S

Latest review: Good, solid cooking knife that can stand up to hours in the kitchen. The full bolster on this model as opposed to the partial bolster on a similar one prevents the knife from rubbing painfully

Baccarat Damashiro Bodo 10 Piece Japanese Steel Knife Block With Chopping Board

Latest review: Like many of us (amateur cooks) I could not see how I spend big on knives. Let's be honest, if there is a knife that does the job and doesn't require a second mortgage to buy one - that's a great

Baccarat The Egg iD3 Black Samurai Knife Block 9 Piece

Latest review: These knives are very comfortable to work with, super-sharp, and the knife block is very stylish, too. There was a very minor (naturally occurring) fault with the timber section of the block, which

Baccarat Damashiro Emperor Hisa 9 Piece Knife Block

Latest review: The set was a gift from my family for Christmas. Extremely well-balanced in the hand. Super keen edge. Not a trace of rust anywhere, despite what I have read elsewhere. A little after use care,

Baccarat Damashiro 7 Piece Kin Knife Block

Latest review: Exceeded my expectation I have been on a hunt for a sharp knife not to expensive but not too cheap. As long as it’s quality and can stay sharp. I have purchased this knife block set, and boy it d

Baccarat Cuisine Pro
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: There are 8 knives in the set plus a steel and the block itself. The full retail price of $399 or thereabouts was probably a bit hopeful and they were routinely available for $140 or so. At that

Furi Pro Chef's Knife 23cm

Latest review: This knife was my day to day most important tool in the kitchen. When I broke my Cook’s knife, Furi replaced it as quickly as possible. It’s just excellent customer service that was above my exp

Auselect Chef Knife 8 Inch

Latest review: I bought this 8 inch Auselect kitchen knife for my partner from Amazon, he absolutely loves it!! It has a beautiful design, is hand forged with a Damascus look, a very good handle and it is sharp

I O Shen Knives Chef Knife 8"

Latest review: After 3 months daily use of our I O Shen Chefs knife I can say without doubt, it is an excellent knife. I have used a number of other brands such Wenger, Global, Scanpan, Mundial, Whustof and

Kmart Anko 3 Knives
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: These knives are a fantastic shape, stay sharp for a super long time. They have light handles, which is great for some jobs. Incredible quality for the cheap price. Value for

Global GF-33
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Bought one of these this year after using the (lighter) G-2. While the G-2 is a great knife, I wanted something more substantial for coping with tougher vegetables. The GF-33 fits the bill completely

Furi Pro Acacia Japanese Stainless Steel Knife

Latest review: This knife set is very good for daily kitchen use, can be used as chef knife. Very sharp, easy grip. Each knife provided in the box has its own important

Kasumi Boning/Utility Knife 14cm

Latest review: This little beauty is my favourite kitchen knife. It’s nominally the shape and in the size range of a traditional Japanese honesuki, a knife designed specifically for breaking down poultry, but d

Fissler Perfection
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: These knives are awesome, they are made in Soligen, Germany of an exceptionally durable steel. Due to this factor they are very sharp and hold their blade a lot longer than other knives I have

Schaffen 6 Piece Magnetic Knife Block Set

Latest review: My husband and I have been continuously using the 6pc knife set for 3 months now. The quality of the knives are great and we find the blades do not dull easily. The magnetic block is slick and modern

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