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Jamie Oliver Fine / Coarse Grater Set

Latest review: I have been using both the coarse and fine grater for a couple of months and I find them easy to use. The graters look good quality and work well. They are slightly bent but once you get used

Kleva Swifty Slicer

Latest review: I purchased 2 of these slicers and also purchased the OXO brand slicer. The swifty slicer is flimsy and does not have a usable grater, the saftey holder does not pack inside the unit, made from cheap

Optimum Electric Mandoline Slicer

Latest review: I have only used my ELECTRIC MANDOLINE SLICER twice and its now not working, something made a banging noise, and the slice motor is now rattling. There is springs in the bottom of it motor where the

Microplane 4-Sided Box Grater

Latest review: Wouldn't happily recommend. Tried grating 5 potatoes & the plastic snapped. It also needs to be stronger! Very very very sharp! Trust me. My finger slipped & ended up needing my finger

Quipwell MS25L

Latest review: I bought the meat slicer from wellkart.com, they appear to be the sole distributor for this product although they do have listings on ebay too. I decided to replace my old slicer with this one since

Chef'n Pull'n Slice

Latest review: I bought this thinking it would make my kitchen life easier, but wrong! It is fiddly to put together, doesn't slice or grate well and taking it apart for cleaning is a nuisance for the little work

Veleka Multi Purpose Slicer

Latest review: In the category of "seemed like a good idea at the time" I used my wire egg slicers to slice mushrooms. This worked the first few times but in the end some of the mushrooms stalks proved a bit tough

Progressive Smart Slice Mandoline HG-56

Latest review: The progressive mandolin smart slicer is $60.00 worth of plastic rubbish. Struggled to slice Tomatoes / Potato's / Onions. Don't waste your money on this

Zyliss Dial 'n' Slice Cheese Slicer

Latest review: Works ok. You get nice thin slices but the blade tends to tear the cheese off at the end of the stroke. You need to lift the device towards the end of the cheese block, and then rotate the cheese and

Baccarat Pete Evans Super Mandolin

Latest review: A total waste of money! Wish a read the reviews first, but you think if you see Pete Evans name on it, it should be good. There was no instruction booklet in the box, I tried to You Tube how to use

Avanti Veggie Spiretti

Latest review: Completely useless. Can only put a tiny amount in at a time and even then, the vegetable turns into pulp. Not sure how this product was allowed on the market to begin

MasterChef Mandoline

Latest review: Like all the other unsuspecting purchasers I too have fallen for the name MASTERCHEF which one associates with what we see on television run by experts in this field. I usually check this site out

Soffritto A-Series Lemon Zester

Latest review: If you just want your kitchen gadgets to look pretty, this one fits the bill. If you want your kitchen gadgets to actually do what they are supposed to do, this one is not for you. A lemon zester

Avanti Mango Cutter

Latest review: Avanti Mango Cutter is not working at all.. i tried it with small, medium and big mangoes but still hard to use it..it is not sharp and the mango can't be cut with this Avanti mango cutter!!, it

Microplane Adjustable Cheese Plane

Latest review: Do not buy as it does not work! Not smooth, grates as slices, chunks off cheese at the end of the slice to slice is stuck on the plane. Took back to shop as it doesn't do what it

Gefu Spirelli Spiral Slicer 2.0

Latest review: The efficient finger cursed guard provided assists to prevent injury however a lot of food gets wasted. The actual slicer does not seem to slice long spirals on. Very unhappy paying $44 from myer and

Mastrad Mandoline V Blade with Container

Latest review: Have had a few mandolins before so I have some idea about them and this one is the worst I have used. Just does not do a good job and makes a mess. I gave it to a friend because I was not happy and

AdHoc Pepe

Latest review: I think this should only be for small chillies but even if you cut up the dried chillies into small bits and pieces, this just doesn't work.. I am quite a foody and went to catering college so I

Mastrad Cheese

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