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Baccarat Granite

Latest review: These pans are not “non stick” pans they are the absolute worst pans I have ever used. I am extremely unhappy with them ter

Baccarat IconiX

Latest review: Bought 2 IconiX Frying pans second hand on G**tree. Fantastic! Once I learned to heat pan first, then oil, then food I have never had a problem with burnt on food. Easy to clean (soak while you

Baccarat Rock

Latest review: Had a Rock wok Pan for about 6 years the last two years i damaged it with wrong oils but over all i liked it a lot , im buying another one soon when on special

Baccarat Sabre Knife Block

Latest review: After a couple of uses rust marks appear I have looked after them how do I remove the rust they were a retirement gift from my co workers would love to remove

Baccarat ID3

Latest review: Purchased this product ( 8 pieces) from House 18 months ago. As it was a gift from my mother-in-laws estate, have treated it with a great deal of care, never putting it into the dishwasher. Always

Baccarat Capri

Latest review: This cookware set is insanely good! Solid design, easy to cook & clean with! Very stylish to modern homes/kitchens what more could you want?! Recommended to all who love to spend most of their

Baccarat Bio+

Latest review: This is NOT a non stick frypan, it's an everything sticks frypan. We followed the directions completely and by far this fry pan is worse than our old cast iron frypan for

Baccarat Pete Evans

Latest review: what a piece of crap, when I bought this frypan, said my tefal frypan started to stick and only had it 2 years, shopkeeper said I was lucky it lasted that long, they recommended this one, done every

Baccarat Stone 4 Piece

Latest review: We bought one of the range of Baccarat Stone pans (the 24cm Frypan) and after using it twice went out and bought the griddle, the wok and the medium sized pan because it was SO good. No oil no fat

Baccarat Cuisine Pro

Latest review: There are 8 knives in the set plus a steel and the block itself. The full retail price of $399 or thereabouts was probably a bit hopeful and they were routinely available for $140 or so. At that

Baccarat Le Connoisseur Red Round French Oven 6.3L

Latest review: It’s beautiful to look at and serve at the table. It can be used on the stove top and in the oven. It’s so easy to clean because of the enameled interior. It cooks so gently and evenly and at a con

KitchenAid Food Grinder / Mincer Attachment

Latest review: Purchased this unit as the wife had a Kitchen Aid mixer. I purchased the unit from the Amazon in the US as the pricing locally was ridiculous. No fault with the mixer so figured the mincer would be

Baccarat iD3 Arashi

Latest review: These knives are high quality and at the price I just bought at, $150 with free deliver, it is outstanding value. People need to understand that high quality knives have to be treated with respect

Baccarat Daisho 7 Piece Knife Block

Latest review: Guys, these are high carbon steel blades. They WILL rust if you don't care for them. They are NOT stainless steel. Being of high carbon steel means you get a supreme quality blade which are extremely

Baccarat Italico

Latest review: Bought one of each size 3 years ago when they first came out through Robins kitchen. Sizes I got were 20cm, 26cm,30cm and 32cm. I use all pans except the 20 minimum 4 times per week. They still work

Baccarat iD3 6-Piece Steak Knife Set

Latest review: I have had these knives for 2 years now and still look as good as new.My guests have said they love them and want to buy some. I think they are

KitchenAid Plastic Bowl Cover Pack of 2

Latest review: I bought these lids to keep dust out of the bowl and on the attachments when not in use. The lids have the large indent which I assumed was so it could sit in the stand mixer, however the mixer fouls

Baccarat Pete Evans Super Mandolin

Latest review: I really wish I had read these reviews before buying it. Blunt blades, the julienne hardly works. Difficult to clean. The slider doesn't lock in properly. Hopefully they'll give me my money back

Baccarat Ceramix

Latest review: Really dissappointed in this product. Followed the instructions prior to use. Heat it properly before each use. However everything sticks to it. Terrible non stick pan. Purchased from House. Wont

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