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Scanpan Stainless Steel

Latest review: Pretty disappointed with the glass lids for the saucepans. I've had my Scanpan set for a number of years and recently while cooking dinner the glass lid on one of our saucepans exploded out of

Scanpan Non-Stick

Latest review: Second one and same thing has happened to pan surface - does not stay intact - don’t buy it as warranty doesn’t cover!! Very disappointed as the product is expensive - warranty poo

Scanpan Classic

Latest review: Last year, I dropped my bread knife and the blade broke in half. The knife was replaced under warranty, no problems. Today the vege knife snapped off at the

Scanpan Spectrum

Latest review: I purchased these specifically to keep in our camping kit. The great thing is that they come with a protective plastic hard cover which makes them perfect for the purpose. However I did find that

Scanpan Classic Knife Sharpener

Latest review: This does not work at al! It will make your knives worse. Terrible but I am so upset with this product , I have ruined 2 knives because of this . I can not believe they would sell something like this

Scanpan Impact Tagine

Latest review: Just recently purchased the item from Kitchen Warehouse. This is a great item to slow cook with. It looks great , can be used on any stove top then into the oven to finish off. It has plenty of depth

KitchenAid Food Grinder / Mincer Attachment

Latest review: I purchased the plastic attachment version since having my own Kitchen Aid mixer, as we store lots of bulk meat in our freezer. It's pretty easy, straight forward + sturdy to use, grinds better with

Scanpan Clad CS5

Latest review: Purchased the CS5 stainless steel/copper clad base 26 cm Sautepan with Lid - 5 layers of Rapid heat distribution at Matchbox sale in Jan 2018 but my first use was not until 13 Mar 2018 (due to

Scanpan Spectrum Mouse

Latest review: Firstly though it looks obvious on how to use, instructions wouldn’t have gone astray. Upon using the first time, the sharpening of a knife can be felt. As time of use, the blades are not as useful. T

KitchenAid Plastic Bowl Cover Pack of 2

Latest review: I bought these lids to keep dust out of the bowl and on the attachments when not in use. The lids have the large indent which I assumed was so it could sit in the stand mixer, however the mixer fouls

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