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Scanpan Stainless Steel

Cookware & Fryware ProductsScanpan Stainless Steel · includes 11 listings

3.3 from 98 reviews

Latest review: After 4 months, everything stuck to it. Upon my wife advising the scam-pan company, the rude and incompetent representative escaped any responsibility, shifting the blame onto her, suggesting she was

Scanpan Classic

Cutlery Sets and Kitchen KnivesScanpan Classic

2.8 from 37 reviews

Latest review: bought the whole knife set went to cut my dog,s treat up with the large knife and a big piece of the blade chipped out and they won,t replace it will never buy scanpan

Scanpan Non-Stick

Cookware & Fryware ProductsScanpan Non-Stick · includes 8 listings

2.4 from 183 reviews

Latest review: Don’t buy scanpans!!! These were gifts from my parents. Within a year it started to stick. Send them back as they have a lifetime warranty. Just got told they will not replace it as there is carbon b

Scanpan Spectrum

Kitchen KnivesScanpan Spectrum

2.9 from 25 reviews

Latest review: I have had a set of the scanpan knifes and forks for just over a year now, thought the kids would like the bright colours and thick soft handles, but now, i have noticed colour on my child's toast !!

Scanpan Classic Knife Sharpener

Knife SharpenersScanpan Classic Knife Sharpener

2.8 from 13 reviews

Latest review: Definitely a great tool for keeping your knives super sharp. This goes perfectly with the Scanpan carbon steel knives and can be used to produce a razor sharp edge. The three grades take about a

Scanpan Impact Tagine

Cookware & Fryware ProductsScanpan Impact Tagine

5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: Just recently purchased the item from Kitchen Warehouse. This is a great item to slow cook with. It looks great , can be used on any stove top then into the oven to finish off. It has plenty of depth

KitchenAid 5.7L Casserole KCPI60CRAC

Cookware & Fryware ProductsKitchenAid 5.7L Casserole KCPI60CRAC

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: The colour of this casserole is very beautiful .it is big and very easy wash ..the lid can be used as Grill. I bought it on Kogan website for a good price.. I have been cooking large beef stew

KitchenAid Food Grinder / Mincer Attachment

Manual Food MincersKitchenAid Food Grinder / Mincer Attachment · includes 2 listings

4.0 from 3 reviews

Latest review: I purchased the plastic attachment version since having my own Kitchen Aid mixer, as we store lots of bulk meat in our freezer. It's pretty easy, straight forward + sturdy to use, grinds better with

Scanpan Spectrum Mouse

Knife SharpenersScanpan Spectrum Mouse

2.0 from 5 reviews

Latest review: Firstly though it looks obvious on how to use, instructions wouldn’t have gone astray. Upon using the first time, the sharpening of a knife can be felt. As time of use, the blades are not as useful. T

Scanpan Clad CS5

Cookware & Fryware ProductsScanpan Clad CS5

2.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Purchased the CS5 stainless steel/copper clad base 26 cm Sautepan with Lid - 5 layers of Rapid heat distribution at Matchbox sale in Jan 2018 but my first use was not until 13 Mar 2018 (due to

KitchenAid Plastic Bowl Cover Pack of 2

Food Storage ContainersKitchenAid Plastic Bowl Cover Pack of 2

2.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I bought these lids to keep dust out of the bowl and on the attachments when not in use. The lids have the large indent which I assumed was so it could sit in the stand mixer, however the mixer fouls

KitchenAid 2.8L Stainless Steel Bowl KB3SS

KitchenwareKitchenAid 2.8L Stainless Steel Bowl KB3SS

2.0 from 1 review

Latest review: The only issue I have is the handle. Okay if you got small hands like the Chinese!!, but the handle is too small and the edges dig into your hands. Unfortunately they have missed the mark here

KitchenAid Attachment 90316

KitchenwareKitchenAid Attachment 90316

No reviews