Landlord Insurance in Central Darling, Far West, NSW, AU

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Budget Direct Landlord Insurance

Latest review: Have 2 policies, very easy to set up. Staff extremely helpful, and efficient, explaining policies, what you need to claim for, etc. Also seem to be good price at this stage, haven’t made any claims

Youi Landlord Insurance

Latest review: After the first 12 months and upon renewal my insurance policy it went up by $486.00 annually (approximately 23% increase). Hence I cancelled on the spot without any hesitation, went elsewhere and

Terri Scheer

Latest review: My claim was rejected with the reason that there is no reason found for damage . Tenant claims they were away for long term holiday hence they don’t know who demage swimming pool. Whereas insurance i

AAMI Landlord Insurance

Latest review: HI NIG insurance with simply business is exactly the same RUBBISH POLICY. My tennant complained the roof was leaking and all wood fell to the floor , the insurance company would NOT cover it ,

EBM Landlord Insurance

Latest review: I bought insurance at EBM Landlord Insurance for many years, and today my first application for compensation was rejected by them... They refused to pay for all kinds of funny reasons. I’m the more f

NRMA Landlord & Rental Property Insurance

Latest review: This policy is a complete sham. I have had NRMA insurance for 15 years, always under the impression they were there to help! The NRMA Landlord insurance fails to look after their customers and

ANZ Landlord Insurance

Latest review: We had terrible experience with ANZ insurance. Claiming process is incredibly difficult. We've lodge a claim for rent default half a year ago and to this date, there is no progress on it. We then

APIA Landlord Insurance

Latest review: As of 7 May 2018, Apia, totally in contrast to their adverts on TV, do no look after their clients. They provided inaccurate, misleading, and even conflicting information (in writing) when I put in

CGU Landlord Insurance

Latest review: Worst landlord insurance! There answer for every intentional and obvious damage was TENANT NEGLECT AND CARELESSNESS- claim denied. Pay extra and go else where. Have moved all my rental properties

Westpac Landlord Insurance

Latest review: I’ve been a customer for years, when I actually needed them due to storm damage, hopeless. They use dodgy contractors to assess your claim who are rude and delay t

Honan Real Estate Insurance

Latest review: Been using for a number of years now and can say that Honan are nothing short of sensational at handling claims; efficient service and experienced staff to give you the best

Coles Landlord Insurance

Latest review: They quoted me half of the other insurers, and now I see why. They took forever to deal with a claim just to tell me it was declined (I don't have an issue with the decline as it wasn't covered by

OnePath Landlord Insurance

Latest review: Having held various types of insurance for the last 30 years, this was the first time I have ever had to make a claim. I thought a company the size of ANZ and QBE could be trusted, how wrong I was.

Commonwealth Bank Investment Home Insurance

Latest review: I recently was presented with a double whammy - Whilst recuperating from a stroke, that nearly killed me I was also confronted with malicious damge from tenants from a rental property I own in the

Allianz Landlord Insurance

Latest review: We have been with Allianz for years without claim. When we have to make claim due to storm, they tried to find every way to refuse claim. I genuinely just want to warn people. They don’t give you a

GIO Landlord Insurance

Latest review: We have just evicted a terrible tenant who left our rental absolutely filthy and uninhabitable as well as leaving rent unpaid. We made two claims to GIO, one for loss of rent and one for damages to

RAMS Landlord Insurance

Vero Landlord Insurance

New Vision Financial Services Landlord Insurance